RAM usage stays high after using and exiting programs

Hello everyone,

I just registered a new account here at THGF, but I have been using these forums for a very long time. I always got my answers through searches, but this time I couldn't get my answer.

After using Camtasia, some adobe products like Photoshop, Audition, Dreamweaver and Windows Live Writer my RAM usage stays very high.

My computer spec:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
8GB Kingston HyperX 1066
System HD 200 GB WD SATA
3 X 1TB Seagate HD SATA
Asus P5-Q Mobo
Sapphire HD5850 Graphic Card
Windows 7 64bit

Running programs:
Internet Download Manager
MSN Messenger
Winamp Agent
Eset NOD32 64 bit

When I boot into Windows 7 my RAM usage is below 25% but after using those programs and exiting them, my RAM usage stays at 58%. My computer isn't slowing down or anything like that, I'm jut wondering why this is happening and is there a way for me to lower the RAM usage after exiting those programs without doing a reboot.

Thanks in advance.
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    Windows 7 caches programs that it thinks you're likely to use again so it can open them again quickly. I shouldn't worry about it.
  2. +1^It's perfectly normal.
  3. Look in the task manager anything abnormal!
  4. I must agree with mi1ez and jitpublisher though ,i think all is well!
  5. Thanks for the replies guys!
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