Celeron 700 fcpga on slot 1 board

Hi, i currently have a celeron 400 mhz slot 1 processor running at (450mhz) , seated in an Aopen AX6BC bx motherboard.

Wanting a cheap upgrade i yesterday bought from an auction site a Celeron 700 mhz FCPGA (flip chip) processor with associated heatsink and fan for £66 GBP. The seller also said i could have his "jetaway" card for free .

Now, this card supposedly allows the flip chip processor to sit in my Slot 1 socket. However my concern is this...

1) the voltage on a celeron 700 is 1.65 compared to 2.0 . My motherboard manual states that the board will default when it picks up the chip from anything from 1.3 volts to 3.5volts..... i am presuming this is fine.

2) And more important, i Understand the multiplier for a 700mhz celeron is 10.5 , my bios will only allow me a maximum of 8.0 does this mean that the cpu will run but not at 700mhz?????.......I do have my bios flashed to the latest version of 2.55 via the Aopen website (24th July 2000 version).

PLease could anyone tell me Have i made a mistake on buying this , will it work??? , and if so at what speed.

many thanks
steve heath
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  1. Then you may plug in the C700 with the 'Jetaway' (I suppose this is Slotkey) and run, you don't need to change the multiplier, start with FSB 66mhz first, you couldn't change the muitiplier unless you got a engineering sample
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