Can u play games with HP G62-A36SO

hey i am wondering if i can play games with HP G62-A36SO i want to buy that laptop please help i wanna kno if i can play pc games with it if i cant i wont buy it i will buy another one please reccomend other laptops who can play games aswell thanks....
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    It has a HD 5470M which is a low-end card for gaming.
    If you need other recommendations,fill the FAQ first(link in my sig)
  2. wats dat wats HD 5470M? i want to kno if i can play games with it
  3. where can i find the FAQ?
  4. Quote:
    wats dat wats HD 5470M? i want to kno if i can play games with it

    The 5470M is the video card which is needed to play games. Maiziar answered your question saying its a low end card for gaming, not expect alot of performance out of it. You should fill out the FAQ he linked.. What games do you want to play? Do you have names?
  5. Watch some gameplay videos of laptops with the HD 5470M:
  6. i dnt understand the faq its to many questions in der so i cant answer them all but can u guys plz tell me a high end gaming or a medium end card i want to play all kinds of games i wanna pay fable 3 n fable 1 call of duty black ops n counter strike GTa those games plz tell me a good laptop to purchase whose good for gaming n movies
  7. What is wrong with your english skills? Fill FAQ first...
    answer each question, 1 by 1...
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