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Well I just connected a new mouse to my laptop, installed everything etc etc. That is when I put the disc in my laptop, came from the box I bought the mouse from, and it was a virus. My anti virus couldn't remove it, but I just took the disk out and everything was fine until I rebooted. After I rebooted everything went down hill, every browser wouldn't work and such.
I did a system restore, but the battery of my laptop went dead, and when ever I turn it on, it goes right back to my desktop and such. So I thought, nothing bad huh. But when I enter the area I COULD NOT CLICK ANY BUTTON! I have some stuff that auto pops up when ever I turn my laptop on. The problem is what I mean by I couldn't click any button, is my mouse is gone from the entire computer, even my mouse pad, AND my mouse aswell! I could not click any button, while that also I cannot switch from "yes" or "no". I can't close it aswell. My keyboard did not work either, so I was stuck there. I was working on my laptop and fixing it for 5] hours already, and still nothing works. People say to go into control panels, but I can't even get to my desktop. I also tried Alt+F10 or anything to get into system restore (don't have the disc) and it always sends me to Windows instead. Restart or whatever. Please help.
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  1. Most laptops have a hidden, factory recovery partition on the hard drive. When you press a certain key after switch-on the recovery program loads and you can then run it to install Windows as it was when your laptop left the factory.

    I can't tell you which key you need to press since you haven't posted it's brand or model number, but look on the manufacturer's website. Go into into their support area, then find the page for your particular model. There you should find help documents.
  2. Try booting into "Safe Mode with Networking" and run an anti-virus from there. If you dont trust your current anti-virus since it failed last time, you can get a free trial of Malwarebyte Anti-Malware.
  3. you will need another computer do this, but....If things are really bad, you can go to and make a boot disk that has it's own OS and even browser, but most importantly it will run a virus scan to remove the virus. They have a lot of free tools there, so you can probably get this fixed soon! Good Luck.
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