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may i have a product key for installing and activate my graphics drivers on my dell lap top on windows 7
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  1. You don't need a product key to download or install a driver, nor does a driver need to be "activated" so I don't know what you are referring to. All drivers are free.

    There are many applications which need a product key and/or have to be activated in order to continue using them.
    If that's what you mean, buy the software. We don't supply product keys or activation keys here.
  2. You shouldn't need a product key just drivers from the manufacturers website.
  3. i bet he used driver detective or similar ransom ware
    pal download this
    or the torrent of same which should be a fair bit faster
    freeware so no piracy issues just run as admin and it will find all your missing drivers and install them for you
    i dont know why you got so little help and im sorry i took so long to get here but its going to be allright now dont worry :)
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