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I have an Epson Workforce 610, and while I love the printer, I hate how picky it about oem ink cartridges. Almost 2/3 of my oem cartridges would be rejected by the printer (which was still cheaper than using epson ink X_x).

But since i am tired of messing around with so many cartridges, I am looking in to buying a continuous ink.
Specifically I am looking in to buying this system:

Has anyone used similar systems? Are they reliable? Easy to use?

My worries are with the system failing and getting tons of ink all over my desk, and my printer refusing to recognize the chips on the cartridges either at the start or at some point after.

Any info and tips would be appreciated!
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  1. No one has experience with CISS that they are willing to share?
  2. i have had a lot of CIS printers in the workshop repairing them, the ink systems themselves dont normally fail and leak, but the ink will block up the heads and fill up the waste ink pads by needing to run lots of head cleans. If you want a cheap reliable colour printer then get a laser printer, inkjets are too much trouble, especially when using aftermarket inks.
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