upgrading a k6-2 300

well my old k6 300 system is getting old i need ideas about upgrading it. i want to keep the mobo

aopen ax5tc (the best 430tx mobo ever made)
k6-2 300mhz / 66fsb
128mb pc100 cl2
2x 13gb ata33 (raid 0) / raid pci adaptor
5x dvd rom
16x cd-rom(really meant for a cd player)
linksys 10/100 ethernet card pci
sound blaster 512
ATI All in Wonder 16mb PCI

any ideas
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  1. I know you want to keep the motherboard but there is not much more you can do with it. No 100mhz bus and the k6-2 on 66mhz bus is pretty old. I suggest scrounging the rest of the components and get AT style socket 370 board (Unless you case is ATX). You can use all the parts except CPU and motherboard. Soyo makes a couple AT style boards that are cheap. Pop in a Celeron and there you go. I know the Duron's have better performace but you would need an expensive motherboard and new case/power supply. (Still waiting for SIS 730 chipset socket A motherboard)

    Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...
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