My pIII 500 died ????

I runned my PIII 500 slot 1 on Tyan tsunami s 1546 motherboard more than a year exactly a year and 3 months after my processor died, It got probably overheated
the processor was not overclocked and I ran red hat 6.2

the processor was oem and the Intel does not give warranty on oems I do not understand why did this happen, and I'm really disappointed.

I have to buy a new processor
can anybody suggest what to buy

after my Intel tragedy I'm thinking to buy AMD processor and a new board but I heard that the AMDs overheat even easier
I really do not know what to do

can anybody help?
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  1. get an Abit KT7 (with or without raid) and a Thunderbird 900+ CPU... nice and fast.


    PS. stay away from Intel.

    AMD for Life!
  2. If it was heat, I would make sure to take a close look at the case to see why heat was such a problem w/ a stock setup. Get cables out of the way, add extra fans, etc. If heat is the problem, then there is no reason to waste a new Tbird+KT133 in an oven.
  3. with decent cooling the Tbird should be fine. Just need a decent heat sink and adequate cooling in your case.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
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