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hi there is is a Dell monitor that has a maximum resolution of 2048x1536!!!! So tell me if I coupled that with my Sapphire HD 6850 will it be good for gaming? I also have a Viewsonic VA520 (Strictly for the productivity of a dual monitor) The View sonic kind of sucks... Now don't get me wrong this CRT IS HUMMONGOUS... but the image quality is fantastic and the hz. is 85. So my question is is this monitor good for gaming? If I can tolerate it's Humongo size? the viewsonic is a LED. just so you know.
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  1. and there are 2560x1600 monitors available in lcd.

    if you already have the monitor then sure it will work for gaming but in this day and age i wouldnt suggest buying a crt screen unless it fits your budget.

    in general crt screens are alot harder on your eyes and most people notice more flicker on crt screens than lcd screens.
  2. I alrwady hace tue mobtior
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