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PIV: "Undisputed King of MicroProcessors"

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December 6, 2000 2:13:44 AM

.... This is the big lie hype intel CEO Craig Barrett is bandying about this week.

.... Guess nobody at intel has dared tell him the PIV 1.5Ghz performs like a PIII 800 or Athlon 700 in most apps.

.... This is the crap we have to counteract to prevent our friends and neighbors from being screwed on the PIV and its overpriced HollowGhz.

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a b à CPUs
December 6, 2000 2:20:03 AM

Why should microprocessors by ruled by a monarch anyway! That means that the son of P4 shall be prince, then king etc. All the microprocessors of the world should regularly elect their leader through a popular vote!
December 6, 2000 5:57:21 AM

What? "friends and neighbors", why do you want them to be informed? don't you want to beat them in UT and brag about your superfast overclocked t-bird?
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December 6, 2000 4:17:57 PM

Like most products and services (exept Burger King) the king of processors IS elected by users! {-:. And the P-4 just had lost the elections, and recounts didn't help them.
=Sory abaut bad inglish=
December 6, 2000 5:54:50 PM

kings were never elected it was passed down the bloodline, surprisingly enough the P4 is next in line, the problem is the P3 is still alive, not that im for intel or anything, but my P3 550 runs too sweetly, but so does my best mates thunderbird 1000...
December 6, 2000 6:41:42 PM

King? HA! AMD will come and kill the king next year with the Palomino, then take over the kingdom. Sell your Intel stock! Buy AMD! It's at 15 bucks a share!!!!!!!!

Intel is getting what it deserves
December 6, 2000 6:49:25 PM

youd have to kill the all the 486s first then all the pentiums which were the best in their days i believe that the 386 has more or less died out snd the kingship passed on, youll have to do a lot of work to kill off intel and amd is working damn hard and is succeeding from what i can see of intels current progress, i appreciate your comment its just intel made the original widely used machine, the 486 established and the pentium strengthened the rule as did the pII and the earlier p3s but now its lost grips and released the p4 before it was actually ready to be released, no too wise giving amd more of the market share is it, remember, kings can be old and senile and arent always the best of rulers as we can see from history
a b à CPUs
December 6, 2000 6:57:27 PM

Y does there have 2b a king or a queen.
i like what i like u like what u like thats what makes us human and not mindless zombies.
i have a pIII 800eb and it performs no worse or no better than a mates 900 t-bird we both do roughly the same stuff and we cant tell the differance.
December 6, 2000 6:59:07 PM

of course you can't tell the difference. Run benchmarks, youll see the difference.
a b à CPUs
December 6, 2000 9:12:41 PM

Benchmarks are benchmarks. Most people don't use them on a daily basis. So you judge by the actual WORK/GAMES/STUDY you do on your computer. I use 3DMark2000, but I don't judge my system by it. It's a measuring tool, which helps in bragging rights. That's all. Should I trade my Athlon 800 in for a Pentium3 800? According to the benchmarks (MadOnion), I'd score a lot higher with a Pentium than an Athlon. Which brings me back to my first point. Benchmarks are benchmarks. It all depends on what you use your computer for. If all you do is benchmark all day, you'll go insane upgrading.
I'm not 100% satisfied with my athlon, but it has done everything I've ever wanted it to do, except, I can't overclock it without system lockups. 800-840 lockup, 800-824mhz lock up, 800-816 lockup. I have fans everywhere too.
I also have a P3 700 o/c to 933 no probs. There's pluses and minuses for both processors.
December 7, 2000 12:26:33 AM

Benchmarks do matter. Just because you can't tell the difference doesn't mean its not there.

The distance between the read/write heads and the platters in your hard drive is so small, that even if you moved it 0.00001mm, it would screw up. Just because you can't see that movement doesn't mean it doesnt matter.
December 7, 2000 3:04:05 AM

how fast does my computer need to be at home? fast enough so i can play my games. how fast does my computer need to be at a lan? faster than my friends. that's where the benchmarks come in. and like someone else already said, it's helpful to see if your tweaking did anything constructive or not.
a b à CPUs
December 7, 2000 9:48:26 PM

right here we go not a benchmark in sight.
will a PIII800 run quake um i think it will.
will a t-bird run quake um i think it will.
will they both run office um i think they will.
can u o/c them both um i you can.
for everyday NORMAL use can u see the differance.
December 7, 2000 10:19:23 PM


Think about what you're typing before you hit "Continue"
a b à CPUs
December 8, 2000 2:25:12 AM

.... If you're ripping mPEGs, then the difference in CPU's could mean HOURS, and the AMD CPU may cost 1/3 to 1/4 as much for faster performance.