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What do people mean when they say it's O.K. to install Windows 98se on two or more computers, just DON'T USE IT AT THE SAME TIME???? I remember reading this somewhere in THG forum and a person said, "how will Microsoft know if you install Windows 98se on multiple computers, just don't use it at the same time."

I'm just wondering because, I bought a true Windows 98se at the store and I installed it on my computer, my brother's computer, my parents' computer and made a copy for one of my friends. The above quote got me thinking and I wonder what people mean by that. Will my computer's performance, Windows update, internet surfing, etc. be affected or something???? Your input is greatly appreciated!
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  1. nothing at all will be effected. You're just violating the EULA. But if you can live with that, so be it.

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  2. You can use them all and even at the same time. Some people are just full off dung and say pretty stupid things, just have to ignore them.

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  3. You don't own windows you buy a license to use it 1 purchase = 1 license. As far as instaling it on more than 1 computer that is between you and microsoft I kinda think as long as you don't sell copies at a flea market, Bill is to busy to worry about you.

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  4. You think Bill is still worried about 98SE? I think he made enough $$$ out of that system.

    Seriously jlanka is correct. You are violating EULA. There's always an alternative. LINUX! :wink:

    You can put multiple distros on as many partitions your system can handle. :lol:

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  5. You've just probably joined the 100,000,000 club, of people doing exactly the same thing across the entire world, they just don't want to publically admit it. Find something else to worry about like are we fixing to start WWIII, over this Iraq crap, can you hear the war engine running, yes I think I can. Maybe they'll actually finish the job this time but probably not, still waiting to see Bin Ladens head on a platter. See!!! Theres a whole lot more to worry about than an operating system that Microsoft is slowly dropping support for. As far as the morality aspect goes theres Skeletons in everyones closet, no matter how perfect they try to appear. Life is too short , don't sweat the small stuff.

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