Looking for an awesome gaming laptop, with no price restrictions


I'm looking to go out and purchase a brand new gaming laptop with no real price restriction other than the increase vs price. I am looking for the best I can find anywhere and have been toying with different places to see what the highest end stuff would cost. I'm currently looking at about 4000 dollars but not stuck with that. Can anyone give me the specs on the best laptops you can get on the market with the most powerful configs available?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Clevo X7200 is currently the best notebook available on the market
  2. Sweet that will help me out a bit. I was wondering about the best config available as I know that some components will increase the price but not give great performance boost. Trying to see what the best compnents would be in any laptop available?
  3. The stock specs are good.
    Just upgrade the VGA to dual GTX 460Ms.And upgrade the HDD and choose an OS if you need.
  4. Clevo looks good, thanks man. Looking to splurge, and setup some specs of what I might pickup on the other thread(M17X Config). Compared it to M17X and think the alienware stuff is way overpriced.
  5. This site does constant reviews of laptops there are specs and benchmarks for practically every alienware and high performance gaming laptop out there somewhere...

    but yes the clevo is a really fast laptop, outperforms my gaming desktop.

    and you are right the alienware's pale in comparision to that laptop however there batteries last 20 minutes or so longer which a 50% improvement.
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