How to restore user profile folder in windows 7

i deleted my user profile to solve a problem of win7 locking up. now i realize i deleted 20 years of my kids pictures and my wife's documents. i ran a system restore but it did not restore the pics and docs. Are these recoverable?
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  1. First and foremost do not write ANY data to the drive any more and when trying to recover, recover to another drive to avoid overwriting the drive it self. If you can move the drive to another system just to avoid extra writes to it, its not a bad idea either. The reason is files do not get removed, just marked as blank. at a time in the future they are just overwritten.

    Try this.

    Run the deep scan if you have to. If you went into the recycle bin, you may try to tell it to look in that location.
  2. Hi :)

    If the files are THAT important...take out the drive NOW and pay a specialist recovery company to get them back.... it will cost SERIOUS money though...

    All the best Brett :)
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