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I have a question that maybe some of you can answer for me. I am currently in the market for a new computer before christmas. I was already almost deecided on getting an Antlon 1.2 with DDR. However because of TOms review and others I have been forced to rethink that.
Especially now that a deal has come across me that I can the same computer with the same specs the only difference being that it is being powered by a P4 @1.4 Ghz(256 Rambus Ram) instead the Antlon 1.2 DDR.(256 DDR-Ram)
Should I go for the P4? It is going to cost me the same either way I go.I have been doing my research on what to buy exactly for my computer system. Concerning the processor:
I have been posting up on the message boards all over the internet on what was the best out there. And up to the introduction and even a little after the release of the P4 everyone was saying how good the antlon with DDR is. And how performace/price was better than the pentium's. However in the last couple of weeks new bench marks have been coming out on the P4's performace. Using some the only SSE2 optimized software, and what other's have been now saying that the P4 is running as it is supposed with the SSE2 optimization. I beleive that the chip was not running as good as it should because of the old code. It is like when the pentiun Pro came out. It did not run as fast and its prededessor in the begining but when the codes foir the software was updated it should it's true potential. I am a big fan of AMD and I happy that they are giving intel a run for there money. However I have the oppurtunity to get a P4 @ 1.4 Ghz for the same price as a 1.2Ghz T-bird with DDR. . I have been asking people all over the web if they would go for a P4 or a T-BIrd DDR if its cost was the same and most of them including Tom's website said yes.
So that is my story. Give me any feedback on what you think and if I am making the right choice.

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  1. No way. The P4 has heating problems too, dont' forget. Also I would stick with the Thunderbird DDR.
  2. Hell I'd save some $$$ and get a less than cutting edge CPU and put $$$ into a graphics board. The GF2 Pro is the clear value winner.

    Do you have to buy now? NV20 this Spring I hope. But I can only imagine the price. Ouch!!! Would like to wait a year and really see what happens there.

    Don't let the upgrade factor hurt your dicision though. AMD will be changing boards too with new processors and I hope better band width. By the time you upgrade your board will be no good with any processor.

    Look at my post on "Who runs 640x480!" to see why I stress the video card. If you are a gamer that is. If your into decoding movies (regularly, hell run while sleeping or at work anyhow) or other cpu intense apps go with raw CPU POWER!!!

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  3. I think not only does intel not deserve any support from home consumers because of the way they tryed to force RAMBUS on us. They will get enough support from businesses. RAMBUS is one of the worst things that has happened computer hardware in awhile. Now that Intel is reeling by the blow it felt. Doesn't mean now that Intel says they are going to support DDR ram means that we should purchase systems with RAMBUS and Intel is not that evil. I have no problem with the P4 even though Intel is just trying to win the MHZ game and playing it up with optimized bullshit. Anyway buy whatever you like but remember Intel did create the evil that is RAMBUS. I say make your purchase AMD DDR and continue to give Intel and there marketing for sheep a big *%$& you. If your really stuck on Intel for no reason but they make good chips its understandable but at least wait and get a DDR P4.

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  4. I don't agree with all that Rambus has done/is doing but Damn if it doesn't show it's stuff with the PIV.

    Don't be blind, open your mind. I'm a Athlon owner and love what AMD did this year!!! And just for competition's sake what AMD did for speed and $$$ of the CPU.

    SSE/SSE2 is the future, when I don't know, even AMD is going to go that route. I see (***tell me crystal ball***) companies optimizing for the PIV before they do for 3DNOW.

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  5. Im not doubting the fact that SSE2 will be a nice for some things yes but SSE2 will not answer all the P4 performance

    AMD with SSE2 will make for a interesting combo but myself I will wait for AMD to support dual proccessor
  6. I think that for no other reason than the Pentium 4 uses RAMBUS memory you should buy the Athlon. The results haven't changed. In 80% of the software people use everyday, the Athlon will smoke the P4.
  7. i think that the safe/wise choice is AMD. RAMBUS' future is about as clear as the P.IV. i would think down the road about these issues. are you going to upgrade individual components? such as cpu or ram? if so you may have heard that the next line from Intel is going to use an entirely different interface for it's cpu's. and rambus is more expensive and less available than ddr. it seems to me that going the Intel. road is kind of a gamble. will the optimizations of the P.IV be implemented? if so then good if you bought it. if not then you spent alot of money for a below par cpu. you also should think about the fact that by the time that software has been developed and distributed that makes real use of the P.IV, your system will be on the closer end of being out the door in favor of a newer comp. Intel will have to commit to producing the P.IV for a couple years so that those new codes can be utilized. also are you going to be using software that will utilize P.IV's new instructions? good question, you won't know until they're written, if they are at all. why would a software company commit to a design whose longevity is in question?

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