My computer cant downoad anything off the internent

When i first got my laptop[4months ago]it could download fine until i restored it to factory settings
[3days ago]after restoring it i woould ttry to download skins for css guns and it would say
run or save i hit save it would say file could not be downloaded.
help me pleaSe

also i hit prompt and enable for the download in security and restarted ie9 but it wouldnt download

i have a
hp paviion g7-1320dx
4gb ram
6480g ati 512mb gpu
amd a4-3300mr dual core 2.00ghz
windows 7 home and student
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  1. Sounds like an IE security setting to me, have you tried a different browser?
  2. I have to ask...

    Are you still connected to the internet? If you restored it to factory settings and were using Wifi, the restore probably erased your Wifi credentials.
  3. yes im connected to the internent
    i cant use a new browser cause i cant download
  4. could you use another system download firefox and put it on a usb pen drive then install it to this one.
  5. ill try that
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