Vaio PCG-6Q1L No Signs of Life

I have a Sony Vaio PCG-6Q1L which will not respond at all to my attempts to get it started. It seemed to be running a bit too warm over the last several weeks, and the last time I shut it down, it went down normally. I have not been able to get it back up at all, since my last shutdown. (Even the battery charge indicator is off.) I have 2 batteries, so tried swapping in my charged one, and still nothing. The power adapter indicator light is on, and I am reasonably certain that both batteries have a good charge on the. Anyone have some idea what might cause this?

Thanks in advance for any help or insight provided!
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  1. If it was running rather hot before this began, chances are that something vital was fried by the excess heat. It may very well have been the motherboard, especially if it is not responding at all. Does it start up with the battery out and just the adapter plugged in?
  2. Thanks for your response. I tried taking out the battery, starting on ac power only, and depressing the power button for >8 seconds. The ac adapter fits snugly, so probably is not broken. The pc shows no signs of life at all, and probably does have a major failure. The question is whether replacing the processor might save the unit... with no sign of life, I can't tell if replacing the processor would fix the problem. Do you know if any lights or indicators would come on with the processor removed from the board? The pc was both very expensive, and terribly abused. I want to give it my best shot, but am prepared to give the owner bad news.
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    No, replacing the CPU won't help the situation, as it is most likely fine. Mobile cpu's are made to take a lot of heat, so unless a fan on or near the heat sink failed, it's fine. You can order a new motherboard for it though and transplant the processor and such over to the new one. In the meantime, if you know of any PC repair business nearby, you can take it there and they can most likely diagnose the specific problem and tell you what you need to order.

    Either that or get in touch with Sony and see what they would want to fix it, especially if it isn't under warranty.
  4. Thanks. This unit is not a big seller for Sony, so they don't have a lot of support documentation for it and a motherboard is pretty hard to find/expensive ( doesn't even list this model). I wasn't optimistic about replacing the processor, that would be too easy and cheap to be the right answer. I think this one is going to the bone yard.

    Thanks for the help.
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