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Hello...first of all thanks for taking part of your time to help me out i really appreciate it, last night i installed a new software ( Sharpdeveloper ) everything was fine, the next day when i turn on my laptop...the screen turns black and says start windows normally or launch start up if i turned it off wrongly, when i click launch start up repair the image turns blue and i can see the mouse arrow next to it the little circle then the circle fades and just the arrow it just hangs in there...i tried resettin my BIOS, changing the bootable sequence...but nothing happends...still hangs at the start up screen....cant start windows normall either...i've a windows 7 home premium x64...thanks in advance
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  1. Hello... boot from your Windows install Disc now and see your options... reseting your BIO's was a pre- mature action here... might have to use your disc for a repair now.
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