most stupid thing you have done to your computer

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what is the most stupid thing you have done to your computer?
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  1. I bought an Intel P4 processor. No, wait. I bought an Intel 820 sdram based motherboard. No, the most stupid thing I did to my computer was buy a celeron 266 without cache. Well, maybe the pentium pro 150 wasn't too smart either.

    But seriously, dumbest thing I did was cut one of the wires to my ATX power supply when removing a wire tie. Had to patch it with a cable lug.
  2. A pin to the power supply connection in my hard drive broke, leaving only 3 male connectors to fit in the power supply. So I grabbed 4 wires and connected one end to the power supply cable, and taped the other end to the metal pins on the underside of the hard drive. I did this with all 4 wires. The connection wasn't secure enough, so I held it all down with a C-clamp (note: no soldering tools were available).

    Sooo...then I started it up and amazingly, the damn thing worked! As I lowered the Hard drive back into the case, the wires shifted, crossed, and shorted out the whole thing.

    Oh well :)
  3. Lowered my mb off the case with A Brand NEW GF2 GTS card still plugged in. Luckily all it did was bend the hell out of the mounting bracket. They make those cards to last these days. I might i shot myself if managed to brake my card before i ever used it
  4. I was once securing a modem into my case while the computer was still on (I had been testing different dip switch combinations, if I remember). Anyway, I dropped the screwdriver, which hit the motherboard. There was a large spark and the computer shut off. Started off fine and ran from then on, thankfully enough. But i felt pretty stupid.
  5. Buy an i820 asus and a creative geforce.. sigh have to run my memory clock on 75 mhz instead of 100 mhz in order for my pc to run stabily

    Hey man i dont know .. i just think i do !!
  6. I flashed the bios of my brandnew Socket-A mainboard with a PentiumIII flash utility..... Luckily the mainboard manufacturer felt sorry for me and replaced it free of charge (they said the Via chipset had been damaged beyond repair???) Now my new system works great (with the old bios revision:) ).
  7. The first CDROM drive I ever bought was a 4x from Reveal. I installed everything, and the cdrom would not work. spent hours and hours with thier tech support (mostly on hold), to no avail. Loosened the screws, an it worked. After three days, I felt like a fool.
  8. I was messing around in the case with it plugged in and the PC running (I know, pretty stupid but I was in a hurry) One of the power connectors caught on the case frame and shorted out the MOBO. Luckily everything else still worked fine.

    I power off and unplug the power cord before I touch ANYTHING inside the case now.
  9. Ran fdisk to add and remove some partitions. Then tried formatting some partitions on a different disk before restarting. This caused a problem with drive letter assignments and formatted the boot partition on the other disk. DOH!

    Also I have an MSI AMD750 mobo and cheap generic RAM. It let me put the ram in the wrong way round even though the bump is ment to stop it (why I didn't check, just thought it was stiff!). Luckily, the only damage was that the memory slot I plugged it into is unstable. I also have a big black mark down one of the pin connectors on the RAM which looks really cool. I'll never have a bad word to say about generic RAM if they can widthstand that kind of punishment!
  10. personal experience:
    I was putting together a brand, spankin' new Pentium processor (the only one around, in the 486 age) into a serious killing machine, with double tower case (meant for two-mobo servers).
    I plugged in the hard drives, and booted up the machine, leaving it open for any minor fixups.
    It was due to this incident that I have learned NOT to play with case screws over the open machine. I dropped one of them, it came down on the HDD's open circuit board, and since the drive was angled (hanging outside by cables), the screw went sliding down the whole surface of the board, leaving sparks and smoke in a beautiful diagonal line until it came to the edge and fell to the floor.
    Needless to say, drive was shot as surely as with a gun...
    to make things more interesting, I was 15 years old, and my boss was sitting on a chair above me (I was sitting on the floor while putting the computer together). Add to the fact that the 40MB drive was full of local car-insurance company data... ahh, the look on his face, as he stood towering above me... not something I'm likely to forget:(

    Almost equally nightmarish experience was with a co-worker of mine -- we were putting custom computer together (clone 386/486s) in the back of a computer shop. That day he had a bad streak of defective motherboards -- he'd put the computer together, but it wouldn't boot... after 3rd or 4th in a row, we were seriously teasing him. After fifth we were getting concerned.
    After sixth, we realized the mobos were not, in fact factory defective -- it turned out he walked across the carpet leading to the tech room and forgot to ground himself (no fancy wrist straps in those days in that part of the world)... so he basically burned six perfectly fine motherboard... I'll leave it to reader's imagination to realize the hell that followed:(
  11. Stupidist thing, hmmmmm

    Well, besides buying an 820-SDRAM combo....

    I was working on a desktop computer from Packard Hel...I mean Bell. It was one of those computer cases that had room ONLY for the floppy, CD and hard drive. I was replacing the small hard drive for a brand new 1.6 GB hard drive (remember when that size was huge?). Well, since there was not room, I installed the new drive, took the old drive out and left it connected as the slave, storing it in a balancing act on the bezel edge of the open case. Well, I was working on the PC when I noticed the hard drive teter-toter. I then saw it hit the pot metal of the case and saw it sparked. Once the smell cleared, I did not hear and any of the hard drives spinning. I pull the plug and plugged it back in, but had to removed the now fried drive to get it to boot.

    Oh well, guess I really didn't need the stuff on that drive anyway.
  12. Well I have three entries:
    1. The first time I ever built a computer(486) I was rellay scared but somehow got everything working. But the case wouldn't go on and I had to force it really hard. Turns out there was a screwdirver in the way and I broke the powerbutton. I had to turm my computer on and off with a surge protector.

    2. I bought the cheapest ram on the market thinking it was a good deal. my computer crashed about once an hour.

    3. I thought my Asus A7V motherboard was broken after tinkering with it for over 2 days. Turns out I just had to hit the onbutton on my case. Arrggg. Actually, from reading the Asus A7V help files I figured out this is pretty common. Its because those weird AMD's turn on for a second when you first connect the power supply and then turn back off.
  13. Back in the day when Win95 was fairly new, my friend got his hands on an ancient laptop. The thing looked like a suitcase literally. We think it was a 386 16MHz...maybe. A whopping 4meg RAM running an old version of Win3.1. Well my friend in his infinite wisdom wanted to try a win95 install. Well of course parallel port CD roms weren't readily available then, so my bright idea of using my parallel zip drive to load win95 seemed logical. Well safe to say it seriously took over 1 hour to load the SETUP WIZARD! After an eternity, we tried to boot into win95, but it just sat there. I don't know if the thing ever worked again.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
  14. two things- 1st I spent about 1.5 weeks on tech support thinking my motherboard was broken on the first computer I built. an atlon 500. I actually just didn't know how to format/partition my hard drive. No one I knew had that helpful little floppy. Finally found one though.
    2. then a week later after reading toms, I thought I was really smart so I talked my roommate into overclocking his k6 chip. It was a k6-2 or earlier. I upped the voltage all the way and speed on this AT board and melted the chip into the socket. heh. Glad it wasn't my computer.

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  15. Ahh this would have to be 3 things.

    1. On my first self built computer, a Cyrix 166+ (which actually ran at 133 mhz) this thing sucked.
    I was trying to take part of the case apart in the 5.25" bay area (dont remember why) and was using a screwdriver to pry it. the screw driver slipped(i was using alot of force) and scraped against the back of the motherboard, quickly followed by a loud four-letter word echoing though the house. After taking the motherboard out of the computer and closly inspecting i found that i had broken one(just one) of the little wire pathways leading out from the CPU which was right next to a group of about 10 of them(they were like 1/2 mm apart). Anyways i figured that the 'wires' on the motherboard were not actually exposed but covered with a very thin layer of insulation like many wires are, so i took a needle and scraped away at the pathway on either side of where the screwdriver cut it. i folded up a peice of aluminum foil to about 1/4 inch across and layed in ontop of the dmged area and coverd it with Duct tape, plugged it in and it didnt work :(. Turned it off and forcefully appyed pressure to the the tape on the back of the mobo and it WORKED@!@!!!! SO i put it all back together in the case and used a miniature novelty baseball bat and crammed it with force between the back of the motherboard and the case.. directly putting pressure on the duct tape. (the whole motherboard was bent) and it WORKED. after about 3 hours of use it would always randomly fail and you would have to fiddle around with the baseball bat to make it work again LOL!!.

    2. I took the fan AND heatsink off my Cyrix CPU (which already ran very hot) and turned it on cold, it made it all the way into windows 95 before it locked up and wouldnt start up again, i turned the system off and wet my finger and touched the CPU and it was hot enough to BOIL the water. the die itself was probably about 120°C

    3. I bought my brand new 7200 rpm maxtor harddrive several years ago and it was kinda the top of the line HD at the time, i was holding it and someone in my house starteled me and i quickly turned around and SLAMMED IT againsnt my bed post :(.
  16. I would have to say that the dumbest thing I have ever done is right after i got my first IT job several years ago, I was working on a computer and talking to my boss at the same time.

    I must have been distracted because I reached in and released the clips on the memory and pulled it out WHILE THE SYSTEM WAS LIVE.

    Windows immediately bluse screened and I reached over real quick to power the machine off before my boss noticed.

    Thankfully both motherboard and memory worked fine after that fiasco.
  17. This doesn’t involve destroying hardware but still kind of funny.
    I had my first computer (a P166) for a couple of months and noticed there was a lot of extra files on it. U know how much [-peep-] comes on a new computer. So after removing all the useless programs I started deleting files I thought were junk. I had noticed that some files would give u warnings that your computer might need them so I got the bright idea to just delete them all and just keep the ones the computer warns me about.
    Hey if I need them I can just get them out of the recycle bin, right?
    Wrong, Not if u can’t load up windows.
    But I learned.
    I learned what a startup disk is and how to reload windows.
    Later on I learned about “format” and “Fdisk”
    Thx & Cya
  18. It was actually my ol' poor 286. Took the case off, took it into the back yard, got my sledgehammer and bashed the hell out of it.
  19. Grizely, Not the coolest thing you've ever done to your computer, the stupidest. : )

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  20. What about deleting the entire windows folder? Don't do that. Trust me, bad things happen.

    On my parent's first computer, a Compuke (Compaq) presario cds524, the mouse wouldn't work like 4 days after they bought it. I was trying to navigate windows 3.1 to play the couple of games my little brother installed on it, but I didn't know about the stupid tab button to change between the open windows. I deleted one folder (quicken I believe) and found that one open window dissapeared. I did this several times, not realizing I was deleting the preinstalled software as I went. I was just trying to get to the open folder with the two game icons in it! Oops! We found out that evening how much damage I had done. Now, this being the stellar Compuke year of 1994, they did not provide any restore disks with the systems they sold. If you lost your software, you either went without, or ordered restore disks from them. We ended up doing that which cost at least $85 can.

    And it came out of my pocket! :( Snif! That sucked!
  21. Bought Me

    <b> Fragg at will!!! </b>
  22. Back when my dad bought our first home computer, a 286 8Mhz/12Mhz Turbo, I was trying to free up disk space from our 40mb hard drive using Xtree Gold. I ended up deleting, which of course made my system incapable of booting properly to DOS, and I had to explain to my father who would be coming home from work, how I screwed up the computer! I was like 10-11 years old and knew little about computers or DOS, except for installing/running programs.
    We got the 286 machine around the time 688 Attack Sub was released.
  23. I wanted to add a hard drive to my first computer, but the problem was that the 3.5" bracket only had two columns of holes, and they did not line up exactly with any of the threaded holes on the hard drive. Instead of buying another bracket, I thought, hey, I'll just drill the holes a litte to make it fit. That worked ok, and I thought I had dusted it off, but about an hour later a little metal fragment must have come loose because the motherboard shorted out. No boot, nothing...

    But hey, I saved two bucks on the cost of a new bracket :)
  24. Ahh the stupidest thing , how can i forget it was like a thunder on a clear day...
    I was taking my brand new full of critical software 3.1 Quantum fireball HD for a Backup burning, I wraped it with some plastic bags (stupid) and went on my way when i got to the Burning site they told me come bakc tumorow . "Ok" i replied.. on my way home in the bus i put the Plastic bags on my lap didn't secure them plastic on plastic slipps.

    So guess what happened . It was like those slow motion parts
    I see my Hd flies of the Bag flips couple of times in thin air and drops graicfully with loud thud on the floor..

    All hell broke lose on me.. came home boot up.. with some hope. and then i Heard it ... oh yes you know what i mean

    the Clicks when the head keeps trying to get to the damaged place ..oooh the humanity...

    Since than I cary my HD in a double Antistatic bags in a fully Antishock Paralon Layerd Box in a size of 30*10..

    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  25. i wanted to delete *some* files on my floppy, being a keyboadr freak i droped into a dos prompt (not caring the dir i get into is c:\windows) and typed "del *.exe" and "del *.com" and guess what happened?
  26. Some one else ?

    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  27. I nearly stripped a PII266 for parts when all that was wrong with it was a dodgy power switch(this was when PII350 was the top bollox CPU)......Whooops :-0


    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  28. I had this 486 (my only computer at the time) and something that I really couldn't afford to replace at the time. I was living up in the mountains and we had really bad power. Everytime there was a storm power would surge and blackout everytime. I would run my system through the storm everytime and only get pissed when I didn't save before the outtage. A year later (after I had a job that I could afford replacement parts) the power supply finally gave up the ghost. I'm amazed it worked as long as it did, must've been surged like 50-100 times.

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  29. Back in march 96, convinced my dad to buy an IBM Aptiva instead of a Dell because I liked the speakers that came with it.It cost 4000 CA$ for P100 w/16 meg RAM & Trident 1meg video card.
  30. How about this:-
    After installing a new m/b(jetway) and chip(celery366),I started to reconnect everything back up.Got my M/soft F/F wheel connected to the 1st comm port then went to plug in my modem to the 2nd one when the f@#?ing lot came away in my hand.Talk about having a touch like a rapist.
  31. My dad once bought an Amstrad PC1640, running GEM desktop.
    Still, at least I becaume familiar with DOS...

    I did have fun playing Battletech on it though...

  32. Ok this is one:

    I was trying to overclock my Athlon 750, so I set the FSB to 120 (120*7.5 = 900). I thought HECK THIS AINT ENOUGH so I changed the FSB and PCI clock to like 135 and 55 or something, then added another 10 FSB MHz, so it was 145MHz FSB and a 55MHz PCI clock. STUPID ME!!!!!

    I turned it on and the computer didn't even boot. I got that wierd feeling in my gut as I though, "OH (*#*(% I FRIED MY COMPUTER"

    But then I reset the BIOS and everything worked ;)
  33. I once connected the FDD cable to my diskdrive while my PC was running...and all of a sudden my HD had gotten a bunch of bad sectors...I was able to get a new from the store though
  34. I was trying to set up a dual-boot between Win98 and DOS. (I still have a bunch of great old DOS games like Earth Siege 1 and Battledrome that just don't work under Win95 and higher thanks to Microshaft's lack of backwards compatability with DOS emulation not covering all DOS assembly interupts.)

    So there I am, brilliantly following what info I can find on doing this using a single unpartitioned hard drive. It ammounted to some feature actually built into Windows (but hardly documented) where it would swap system files so that it could boot in either DOS or Windows, so long as you put the DOS files there for it to use.

    I get all the work done, boot it up into DOS mode, and violla: NOT A SINGLE THING WORKS.

    What did I do wrong? You see there is this thing called FAT32 that DOS just doesn't know how to read...

    And, of course, like a genius, I hadn't tested my one and only recovery floppy. It just happened to have gone bad since I last created it. Oops.

    So there I am with TWO operating systems and neither of them will load because Windows is making it boot up with the DOS boot since that was the last thing I attempted, and DOS couldn't read my hard drive using FAT32 instead of FAT16.

    Eventually I had to take it over to a friend's house and use his floppy to boot it up so that I could change it back over to booting up Win98. Once I had his WORKING boot disk, it took only a minute or two to restore to working order.

    - Sanity is purely based on point-of-view.
  35. Not really my stupidity here, but a tech support story/joke/myth floating around...

    "No smoke"

    Guy gets this call into tech support, greets the client and immediately the client tells him, "There's smoke coming out of the back of my PC, how do I get it to stop?"

    Tech: "Your computer is on fire! Unplug it now!"

    Client: "No, I know there is a command I can type in to stop my computer from smoking. You're going to tell me what it is."

    Tech: "No, really your computer is on fire, you need to unplug it right away!"

    This goes on for almost half an hour, the client absolutely convinced that a simple command will stop his computer from smoking. All this time the computer is still on, still smoking and amazingly still running. Only guess is the insulation on a power cable was burning or the like.

    After all this time, the tech finally gives up and tells the client, "Ok, I'm not supposed to tell you this but here goes..."

    Client, listening for once "Finally... ok, so what do I do?"

    Tech: "Type in this exactly, nosmoke.exe and hit enter."

    Client: (Typing sounds) "It said 'bad command or filename'. What does that mean?"

    Tech: "That's what I was afraid of, your computer doesn't have the latest version of nosmoke.exe. You'll need to talk to Microsoft for an upgrade."

    Client: "Thanks! I'll call them right away." (hangs up)

    A week later, the same tech answers another call and it's that same guy!

    Client: "Hi, I called Microsoft and they said my computer won't run their version of nosmoke.exe and I need to upgrade my computer."

    - Hope you enjoyed. :P

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  36. OK, i knew for sure that i had fried my Mo-Bo(at least i thought i did), so off i go the the local computer store, pick up my current K62-450 and Mo-Bo, get home open the case start to gut it and about the time i get to the video card i realize its loose. What a fool i am, so i decide to reinstall what i have removed and see if that was really the problem. after all is installed i test and its fine. Great. Then i notice the motherboard isn't fully seated on one of its little plastic clips so i power down, unplug, ground myself reach in apply a little pressure and SNAP!!!! Gee does the MB have to be in one piece. Will that little corner really matter.

    I laughed to myself for the next few minutes as i again began gutting the case.

    Moral to this story.........dont break your motherboard.
  37. I had compressed my 1gb harddrive, and after a few weeks i
    found a strange large file (1gb) on another drive (H:), and ofcourse i deleted it (DOH!!!). Guess what it was? :P

  38. ok, this one was quite recent. i had just gotten a brand new golden orb for my 900MHz Athlon, and was going to install it. so i take out my processor, and the thought occurs to me to take off the plastic back plate, because after all, it's basically a useless heat trap. so i take the back plate off without any problem, and i'm about to install my fan, when i think: well, why don't i just take the front plate off, too, and check it out. this poses quite a challenge, as i live in a dorm, and my only tools are a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. so i start prying off the metal fasteners... my hand slips, and i scrape the pliers across the PCB. i wet myself. then i check the PCB and see that everything's as it should be. no problem. most would see this as a sign to quit while i'm ahead, but i see this only as a sign to continue the operation. when the pliers slip again, i'm not too concerned, but i check to make sure i didn't damage anything again. then i see it. a tiny little resistor is missing. and i realize i'm holding a $420 paper weight.
  39. Actually, in the 10 years I have been messing with computers (started on an old Apple IIe) I have never done anything really dumb. Never lost a piece of hardware. But a friend of mine did something pretty stupid.

    He is all into this data security phase. Running 386 sx16, 40 meg harddrive. So, he gets online, and downloads this hard drive encryption software. Shareware, time locked. So, he installs it, and encrypts EVERYTHING. Including, io.sys, and msdos.sys. This little encryption program actually wrote to the boot sector and could unencrypt your hard drive from boot up before loading the dos system files.

    So, he really likes it. Full encryption of his drive, password to boot. Perfect. So he figures. Ok, time locked. I will set my clock to 1986 and run this stuff for free forever!

    Does this. Reboots. Get's the following message "This version of "software X" is expired. If you wish to continue running this software please register your copy at "blah blah blah..." "

    And that was it. Hard drive completely encrypted, and no way to unencrypt anything.

    Ahh well.. That's why there's format.exe. :)
  40. I hate to admit this, but it was late at night and I was at a cust house, I was loading Win 98 for him and he had one of the cd's with no tray, just a slot that you put the cd in and it grabbed it and took it in, anyway I put the cd in and nothing, wouldent read it, wouldent even recognise it, So what was going to be a simple job now looked like becoming a major hassle, pulled the case off, and pulled the cd player out, was about to take the cd apart when I saw a shiny microsoft cd inside the system, I had missed the cd slot and put the cd in a gap above the cd player, the cust was watching me which made it worse, after that I went and got some glasses
  41. Yeah I once DoubleSpaced my old 200 mb drive and got 400 mb..
    weee i though and than after working with it for a year.
    it got ..full so i though lets check my HD for errors with the newest norton disk doctor .. (offcourse no backup of drive and full of Critical documnets of my mother and full of games) .. so i write NDD /? hmm..
    I see an interesting option there which does something i though do some good....

    Again remeber its a Compresed drive...
    Gets out of the Ndd (ndd does alot of repairs )..
    pops to dos...

    dir/w |->
    and ..
    gibreesh.... AHHHH
    you know the gibreesh...
    No more harddrive... :( my mother kicked my ass than,,,

    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  42. Well, I'm glad you mentioned this, because it made me feel a whole lot better about ruining both my NT4 CD and the CD drive by putting it <i>on top of</i> another CD which I forgot to take out first!

    --that was when 8x was really fast too!
  43. I had this AWSOME Zenith 386, and the picture did not quite fill the screen. All the adjustments for those monitors were internal. So I pulled the cover, found the right screw, and turned them. Powered it back up, things were better, but not quite right. After about 20 attempts to get it right with the thing off, I tried adjusting it with the computer and monitor on. Now things were Really getting close to perfect fast until POP-spark from the flyback transformer hit the screw driver, stopped my everything for a second (sudden chest pains) and threw my screwdriver out of my hand. Everything still worked. 2 days later my modem went, 3 days later my floppy quit, a week later my hard drive failed, and about a week after that my video card went. And now I'm a tech.
  44. I was getting my 'ol P133 ready for sale -- I had placed an ad in the paper the day before. The year was 1997. I figured the thing was worth maybey $300. I did have 96 megs of ram on it, which at that time wasn't bad at all. It had a sound card (SB16), 1.2 gig HDD, 33.6 modem, cdrom, floppy. 9 am i get a call, the guy sais he'll be right over to get the pc, he only lives like 10 mins away. Before he gets to my house I get anotheer 3 calls for the computer. I start thinking that this guy is getting a hell of a deal. I hurriedly decide to take out my then kick-ass diamond graphics card and put in a crappy one. Neglecting to notice the computer was still on, I ripped out the old one and threw in the new. I didn't see sparks till i dropped the screwdriver right onto the exposed mobo. I yanked the cord out of the wall and curse loudly. I then hear a knock at my door -- I hear the guy tell my dad he is here for the computer. My dad motions him to my room. Praying to god the POS will fire up, I throw the case back on as the guy enters my room. I'm sweating profusely at this point as my shaky hands find the power cord and plug the computer back in. To my amaizment, she fired up. The guy walked away a happy man. Later I could have kicked myself when I recieved calls all day for the computer. One guy said he would have paid $450 for it. DOH !!!! Well, that's my story ;o).
  45. OK, here's my story. I never destroyed any hardware although I got one mobo to have it's voltage stbilizers crack open, but I think that was a faulty mobo 'cos I did everything properly and there wre others to verify it. So It was some 6-7 years ago when I got my first PC (386). I was using PCs at highschool but I wasn't a techie at that time. So my brand new PC, let's have a look into the BIOS not really knowing what all the settings are for. I got the password enabled somehow but I thought I set a password (it was an AMI BIOS with factory set password which was documented in the mobo guide but who reads the guides first :). Rebooting and trying to get passed by the password without any luck. I took out the BIOS EPROM (I didn't know too much about PC hardware back then) hoping that it'll be but it didn't when we (I had my friend over and my brother) figured out what was the factory set password and got it beyond it. I went straight back to the BIOS and disabled password security. It scared the hell out of me because I just got that PC for my birthday and my father was to come home soon.

    Another hairraising story. I was assembling a custom built PC and I usually check if the power button is off on the case but I forgot this time (or left it on - see later why). I was installing the mobo, processor, memory and connecting all the cables when I got to the speaker and it started beeping (!). I don't remember exactly why I had the case plugged in (maybe because that was a case which had a MHz display on the front and I set that up first) but I installed everything except a VGA card without a problem and it was beeping because it was missing the VGA card. I switched off the case, installed everything and it worked. No parts were good brands except maybe the hard drive.

    Build your own PC and get what you exactly want not what OEMs think is good for you.


  46. A few small entries
    1) First ever computer i had had a 1.2GB hard disk. And unfortunately i needed space all the time for my latest games. So i played a game called clean the windows directory. Lets just say i never learnt and i had to reinstall windows so many times. my problems included deleting the display.sys file because i thought it took up 200k of space on my hard disk :(
    2) Building my first computer, a K6-2 450 coz i am only a young nipper. It wouldnt boot first time. After over a day of moving everything around and all the normal crap i decided to move the CPU. Found out what that strange little lever on the socket does........... I could have killed my self.
    3) A bit older and now working part time in a computer shop we had a motherboard with problems. Me and my boss were there and we changed the PSU to see if it was the problem. I was standing there holding the board feeling invincible when we turned on the power. The board sparked and i leap in the air in shock. Luckily no serious damage but still was funny as anything (i saw the funny side after) now i am more careful


    Please dont hurt me.....please
  47. I'm almost to embarrased to admit to this, but here goes...
    I decided (and correctly i believe) to move on from Celerons to Durons. I bought a new duron 650. But i was two short on cash to replace the generic no-name heat sink. So i just ran with it for 2 months. Going into summer (In Australia) it started to get kinda hot so i thought i'd do the right thing and go and by a new HS and fan before any thing bad happened. I was sold a Golden Orb. Little did i know that they were not designed for amd's and needed a little alteration to fit. Trying to attach the heat sink, i thought: "just one more push and i'll give up and think about this" (aint that always the way). During this last efort, i heard a crunching sound. Yes, it was the chip cracking. Believing i had completely stuffed it, i became desperate and out decided to test it to be sure of it's fate before shooting myself out of shame. To my surprise it worked! (lucky, i couldn't afford a gun either) But in my haste, i forgot to refit the old heat sink and fan. Within 6 seconds it had reached approximately the temperature of the sun and refused to work any more.
    After an hour i discovered (after much testing, cursing, wailing and nashing of teath) that my wonderous DFI AK74 M/B had saved the chip from frying by cutting power to the chip at 50 degrees C. It took 45 minutes sitting under every cooling device i could find short of a frisge for it to get below this temperature again. This trusty combination continues to serve me beautifully after having a correct HS/fan fitted. Long live amd/dfi.
  48. Put it in a computer desk with all the covers on it and cables run properly thus guaranteeing the need to unplug and reroute a zillion wires in order to open the case the following day.
  49. hmm... well, I bought a Diamond Monster Sound MX400 for the surround sound, but the company went bankrupt, my computer doesn't recognize the card, and the sound craps out every five seconds. upgraded OS, processor, hard drive, and speakers, it still didn't work. DAMMIT
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