Vaio FW518F/H or HP Paviion DV7-4083CL?

:hello: Hi,
I need to choose from 2 laptops till tomorrow. The use of the laptop will be for demanding games and usage of adobe after effects cs4/cs5. I cannot decide what to go for.. a graphic card or a processor. If someone can as well tell me how big is the difference between the two processors given bellow. I know both computers are not the best for this job but thats my budget and nothing else. So what would you pick if you were in my place? (please dont recommend me another laptops - i have to stick to those 2~3)

Sony Vaio FW518F/H
Intel Core2 Duo P7450 2.13GHz 3 MB L2 cash
ATI HD4650 512 MB DDR3

HP Paviion DV7-4083CL
Intel Core i5-450M processor 2.66 GHz with Turbo Boost,
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 dedicated (there is another laptop for the same price with 340M graphic card which if i remember well is a bit weaker than the 5470)

thanks for helping!
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    The first laptop does better in games because of having a faster VGA;whereas,the second one does better in CS4/CS5 because of having a faster CPU
  2. yes i know that, but what have bigger difference? The graphic cards or the processors. I am really not sure if i buy the Sony how much power do i miss.. what would you buy if you were me?

    My thinking is- even if i buy the vaio , it will go slower on cs4/cs5 but will still do the job.. on the same side will do play games more fluently than the HP.. so by my conclusion the better option should be the vaio .. do you agree with me
    thanks for the fast and accurate answer,
  3. Well,4650M is noticeably faster than 5740M so if you play games quite often,go with the Vaio model.
    However,what's your budget ? you may find better options too.
  4. Trust me i cannot go with other models (it's a bit complicated)...
    I was thinking to buy the Dell (if it is possible to later upgrade the graphic card with stronger one) (dose old graphic cards as the 5740 are sold easly on the market?)
    and what about the 340m compared to 4650 and 5740?
  5. i am sorry it was 310m gForce not 340m
  6. 310M performs pretty much like 5470M(the later is a little faster)
    And no,you can't upgrade the VGA on that Dell laptop.
  7. what about if i bought the HP Paviion DV7-4083CL (not a possible upgrade as well)? but why :(
  8. No it can not be upgraded either.There are few laptops(such as specific Sager and AW models) that can be upgraded.
  9. ah.. ok thanks mate i will think what i will pick at the end.. thanks for your assistance - wish you great day
  10. No problem,glad i could help :)
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