Help! Laptop won't start at all

Hi there!

I got a Packard Bell Easynote TJ65.

The battery have been very weak for a while now, if I unplug the charger it will die within a minute or two.
So yesterday night I closed the laptop (hibernation mode) and then I unplugged it to move it. Then it was like that for the night.

This morning I try to turn it on and nothing happens. The charger is plugged, the LED lights up showing that the battery is full/the charger is plugged. But when I press the button... absolutely nothing happens. No POST, no nothing, like the button was not working.

So I open it up, removes the harddrive, to make sure it works and to backup any stuff I might need. The harddrive works just fine.

I plug it back in and yeah same problem. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

// Roger
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  1. Unplug the Laptop and remove the battery. Push the power button to clear any residual power. Make sure there are no powered USB devices plugged into the laptop. This should allow it to reset itself and start again with a bit of luck. Give it a minute or two plug in the power and give it a go.
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  3. Hi and thanks for the answers!

    I tried removing the RAMs one by one but with no luck! I even tried without any RAM at all..
    I took out the battery and pressed the button.. waited and no success.
    I don't think the battery should matter because I should be able to start the computer without a battery plugged in.
    Hmm well any other ideas? Otherwise I have to try to get the store to repair it or even packard bell if I'm lucky. If not.. either a repair shop or I sell it and buy a new one..

    But it bothers me cause why would it just die? For no clear reason, it hasn't been any problem with it before, except the battery, and now it is just dead.. :(

    Ah well any other suggestions would be welcome and once again thanks for the posts!
  4. Sounds like it has died. All it takes is for a component to become faulty and the whole thing wil grind to a halt. That is one of the main drawbacks of a laptop. You cant just strip them down and swap out parts unless you have another laptop just like it. Sometimes they just stop and that is that. Take it to the store and get them to check it out. If it is out of warranty repair may be expensive. It may be more economical to buy a new one. If that is the case I recommend you stay clear of Packard Bell.
  5. Yeah I was afraid that it might have just died, there's absolutely no sign of life, the power LED doesn't even blink when I press the button and neither can I hear the fan start.

    I will go and talk to the store and packard bell.. even though the warranty is out I might get it fixed. Or at least a price suggestion on what it will cost to fix it..

    I will stay clear of packard bell next time, that is for sure. I dunno what brand to get though..

    Well thanks again!

    If warranty is void and I will get no support I will open up my first laptop and check what's up in there :D At least something good will come out of this :P Or I sell it.. always somebody who wants it in hopes they can fix it and sell it :)
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