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Dear tomshardware community. I am looking to upgrade from my desktop that is a couple yrs old now. Its specs are

Core 2 quad q6600 2.4
4gb ram i belive ddr2/3
64b win7 home
nvidia geforce 9600gt 512mb.
1tb sata hd


Im looking for a laptop replacement for it, as my lifestyle is changing rather quickly and want something i can take on the go.

I was first looking at this, .
Which looks nice as i can take it with me or hook it up to my tv/monitor when im at home.

Then i saw a few similiar to and including this on TD.

as well as this useful site for judging laptop video cards :


dont really care about battery life or brand really for that matter, i just want a stable computer that fits my budget that will do what i need it do.


The games i play, are World of Warcraft, Call of Duty series (dont have black ops yet), Supreme Commander 2, Left for Dead 2, Day of Defeat source, Global Agenda, are the main ones to give you a idea. Could really use some input because i come here for alot of information and trust the oppinion of this community.

Also might add im in the united states.

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  1. The alienware is not really designed for main pc use, it's more of a secondary computer.

    The gateway from tigerdirect has an older, but still powerful graphics card. However, it's processor is older and a little on the slow side.

    While I am not a fan of Acer, this laptop has modern parts and a decent price.
  2. The lenovo for $750 looks great, that video card should last for a while and the processor is powerful.
    this is the one i went with, i know the i5's are better but benchmarks i was looking at the processor isnt horrible. and free shipping/no tax
  4. That is a fine laptop. The Phenom II will work well, especially if the game is coded for quad cores.
  5. lenovo Y560 with core i7 740qm and ati 5730 for 900$ on newegg
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