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I recently bought the Inwin Q500 case for my new computer and received it yesterday. I took it apart to look at it yesterday and saw that it had 3 case fan openings. Hoping to get some decent airflow through this thing, I was hoping to add a couple to the case, but I'm not sure what size I need. Does anyone that owns one of these cases know what size the front fan opening and the one below the power supply are, or are they all the standard 80mm size?
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  1. Measure with a ruler 10mm in one cm
  2. The ruler idea was a good one. I looked at the case diagram and it looks like they are the standard 80mm size. I doubt on a case at that price range they would be able to justify special ones.

    You say you have 3 fan slots. I only saw two. One at the front and one above the PSU. (Plus the PSU which would make it 3)
  3. I believe they are standard. Good choice with the case. I love mine. Plenty of room hey?

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
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