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I am trying to upgrade from my katmai 450 to a coppermine 800 mhz. I need to know if the lower voltage is supported for my mobo becasue I think that is the determining factor. I have a modified asus - hp P2BVE board and neither says they know anything about its specs.

My question is whether there is a software or someother type of program that would let me know what voltages my motherboard is capable of supporting. Thanks for all advice and for spending the time to help a newbie out!
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  1. I am not sure what the vb extension means, but my bro had a regular Asus P2B board. I tried to upgrade his celeron 300a to a coppermine, but it didn't work. The key to his was the board revision number. According to Asus, the P2B with hardware revision 1.12 or higher along with Bios 1011 will support coppermine. My bro's was 1.02 so it was a no go. Check the Asus page...there was a chart listing the boards and what cores they support.

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  2. here is the chart link. Look up your board and check it out.

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