Acer battery problem

my acer aspire 4736z laptop batteries are giving me a headache as they have an unpredictable standby time sometimes it konks off after just 10 mins of usage sometimes it runs for an hour the battery usage signal shows a discrepant reading it almost always when the systems shuts itself off due to low battery the reading still shows that more than 2 hrs of battery standby is still available. This problem has cropped up suddenly and almost every time the windows has to be resumed.
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  1. How old is the battery, they generally only last 3 -> 5 years some times even less. Alot depends on usage/charge-discharge cycles.

    Might try this (2 x). Put a bootable DVD in laptop (ie UBCD) boot to CD, just leave untill battery dies then recarge over night, redo this a 2nd time. If this does not help then it's probably time for a new battery.
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