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First off, I'm not too computer savvy. I purchased Win7 premium upgrade for my Vista run (64bit) laptop. After several failed attempts at installing this OS, I tried the custom settings and this proved successful to some extent.
When asked where to install the program I chose the C drive. It was either that or the recovery drive. Again please excuse my ignorance on these matters but it seems like I'm missing some drivers. If there is any easy way, aside from Geek squad or some equivalent, to recover what I need I would appreciate any suggestions. I'll provide more info if this seems too vague.
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  1. Upgrades always are not the best way to go. I never to upgrades, I only do FRESH installs. What are you upgrading from. (32 bit or 64 bit)
  2. fresh installs are great but he would still be missing drivers...

    You will have to go to the manufacture's website (for your laptop) and download the drivers from there. Hopefully they make it easy and let you select your model and OS to limit the list.
  3. Yes, go the manufactures webite to get the Windows 7 drivers. As you were running Vista, I'll bet they have them.

    Look in Device Manager to which device you need drivers for: Start/Computer-Right Click/Manage/choose "Device Manager" in the Computer Management table. Any device with Yellow "!" are the ones not installed.

    I can't believe WIndows 7 wouldn't have all your drivers, as you had Vista, but then again, it is a laptop, so I don't know.

    Try doing a "Windows Update" and see if that gets them. If you have network/internet working.

    Good Luck! ;)
  4. He had trouble install the operating system, how is that driver related. But i do agree updating drivers always helps, especially from the manufactures website is always good.
  5. If you can’t get the required Windows 7 drivers from your manufactures web site, try looking for the drivers on the chipset manufactures web site, also try Microsoft update.
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