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Acer pixel flickering

I have a new Acer aspire 5741G with intel core i3, 4gb RAm, 512 mb ATI mobility radeon graphics,..

Whenever i start my laptop, there are square pixels that appear on and off like flickering pixels. It can be blue pixel, red,pink,green and so so.It appears on the desktop and even on windows like 'My Computer'... when refreshed, the pixels disappear only to appear a few seconds later. Also the pixels does not appear on an image if printscreen button is used.

Please help me and tell me what do i do and why this is happening.

Note that this only happens when log into windows and eveything is normal when booting and on the welcome screen
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    Sounds like a bad GPU. Since it's new, and happens right when you're starting it, not even under stress, overheating is not likely part of the problem. RMA it.
  2. How do i do that?
    I mean it was gifted to me from another country(Australia)and there is a warranty on that. Whom should i contact?
    Is it a hardware or software problem?
    Can it be fixed with acer erecovery disks or updating the ATI driver
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