Hdd not showing up

i reinstalled 7 to my first hdd and the second is now not showing up in my computer but disk management and device manager say thing is all ok
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  1. Make sure you second HDD has a volume to it and has a drive letter assigned.


    Sorry for using Tiny pic, don't know of any other sites :)
  2. yes i used to use it as my (shed drive) strorage and now it is not being seen
  3. Can you test it in another pc? If nothing important is on it, maybe a reformat.
  4. it has all my family pics on it it means the world to me?
  5. If its already been used it should already be initialized but check in disk management by right clicking that drive I believe and initializing it. If its picking it up in disk management you you should be able to access it
  6. will try to assign another drive letter again..?
  7. thankyou for the legendary pics and help mc_creeper
  8. Your welcome, so I'm guessing its working, also please, in case, buy a 500Gb external to back up just in case :)
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