Computer got slower at gaming

I have a computer with this settings

Processor dual e2220 @2.4 ghz
Motherboard ASRock G31M-S
Ram 3gb DDR2
Video Card : Nvidia Geforc 9500 GT 1gb
Windows 7

I have been playing fifa 13 at low settings for weeks on resolution 1280x720 and had a normal performance. Suddenly computer slowed down and i cant play fifa fluently anymore. I tried even other games like fifa 12 pes 13 hitman etc. BUT it doesnt work anymore fast. I tried even formating my pc but still it is slow. I want to know how can i discover which part isnt working good and what the problem is. Can anyone help?
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  1. Run: Prime 95, Memtest, Furmark, CPU-Z for CPU monitoring and GPU-Z for GPU monitoring.
  2. sorry to bother you. Could you please tell me how time does it take for each of the programs to monitor the cpu and gpu
  3. Try finding the latest drivers for your Nvidia Graphics Card and if you're not able to do so then download Driver Reviver, it will find the latest version for your graphics card. You can also disable Vertical Sync and Triple Buffering in order to increase your computer's performance. To increase your Gaming performance, switch to Windows Classic theme and disable Windows sounds, Desktop Backgrounds and Screen Savers. The tip which I think can solve your problem is installing Driver Reviver which will update your current Graphics Card version to latest.
  4. Have you cleaned your PC recently? cause most of these slowdowns are because people don't clean it and the gpu/cpu throttles themselves from overheating...
  5. Try "game booster " freeware.
  6. Since you said your computer "suddenly" slowed down, I believe you can ignore the small issues like cleaning a fan or cleaning computer space. The issue probably lies in an automatically updated driver or a recently installed program which conflicted with some settings and forced them to change.

    If it is it rather recent issue you could always try restoring your computer back a week or two in case you unknowingly changed a setting, saving anything you have done recently of course.
  7. it may be gpu overheating because the more i play a game the slower it becomes. maybe its the time to change it. ive been using this gpu for 3 years....
  8. it was my cpu fan. it wasnt working. strange my computer didnt get destroyed
  9. i have been working for three weeks without it
  10. Thermal paste does wonders!

    You may have actually gotten very lucky because I've seen instances where the internal (case) fans have been enough to compensate for a failing CPU fan.
  11. yeah. i removed the fan and it was hard to move even by hand. i surely was lucky
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