Hp pavilion dv4 problem with ram, vista os will not start,

when I have both chips in slots if I remove bottom chip from slot boots fine, i switched chips and both will start os. put back chips in both slots no start all i get is flasing light by the caps button and the scroll key? anybody have an answer for me?
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  1. Put one stickback in and run MemTest86 and then repeat with the other. It'll tell you if the RAM is bad, which given the symptoms is probably the case:

    You'll have to burn a bootable disk to run it.
  2. Both sticks work fine, the bottom slot is not working.....
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    same problem - thought the video was bad because the LED next to Caps Lock and above scroll lock was flashing four times. It turns out that memory Slot 2 must be bad. Here's how I came to that conclusion:
    1. Followed all standard troubleshooting tips (removed hard drive, memory, left off, discharged by holding in power button for a minute)
    2. Put in one memory module in slot one. System came up with post page.
    3. Put in second memory module. System would not post
    4. Swapped memory modules, leaving Slot 2 open. System posted.
    5. Put memory module formerly in Slot 1 into Slot 2. System would not post.
    6. Put memory module only in Slot 2. System would not post.
    7. Updated BIOS. Repeated steps 2 - 6.

    System consistently boots when only one memory module is installed, and only if that module is in Slot 1 (the bottom one.)

    Hope this may help others who think the mobo is shot. Not a great solution, but at least it boots!
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