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Triple monitor setup for my current rig

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
May 2, 2012 2:05:00 AM

Alright, so I just finished building a 3930k, 16gb 2133, dual gtx 680's (Why didnt i wait for 690s!, may be sending in my dual 680s for a 690 from tigerdirect as I still have 15 days left to do the exchange.). I'm wondering if my build should be powerful enough to run triple 1080 in Nvidia sorround with at least 30-60fps in most games. I tried to build the best behemoth for my limit of less than $3700. Also I am trying to decide on monitors at the moment... I am trying to decide between IPS and TN but I really can't tell if IPS is worth the money as I really haven't been able to find a local place that has any IPS monitors on display (went to HHGREG and was told that the samsung magicangle were exactly the same as IPS, therefore I will never shop at that location again due to the poor knowledge base of the technical staff. They did have one LG IPS panel but it was apparently taken off display that day...).Also I was trying to see if it was better to get pivoting monitors or spend more for a monitor arm that can support three monitors in either portrait or landscape at the same time (not sure which I prefer yet, but leaning towards portrait mode due to the larger sorround effect that I feel that it would deliver). Also LED backlighting is a must, which is what turned me away from getting a ultra high resolution monitor (2560x1600) because I am unable to find one with LED backlight. 3D is a feature that I want but possibly wont be able to afford. I want to get all three monitors for under $1000 and if 3d I would be willing to go up to $1200 for the 3d glasses and emitter.

Thank you for any input that you are able to provide, also any input on whether I should go for the 690 vs the dual 680s would be appreciated as well although may be too off topic.
May 2, 2012 2:24:27 AM

Ok, quick revision.

Key characteristics:
1) LED
2) thin enough bezel for double or triple monitor setup
3) Max price $350/monitor (less is good)
4) 3d
5) e-ips>tv, but would not say no to a better ips model but very unlikely if not impossible for my price range.
6) 6-bit panel, would not say no to a 8-bit panel but very unlikely if not impossible for pricse range.
7) prefer no build in speakers to save from being bulky and they are not needed nor would they ever be used.
8)would not say no to 1920x1200, but 1920x1080 is my main focus.
9) Size ~23" could potentially think about just dual 27" if the features are there.
10) connectivity would need hdmi and dvi as for Nvidia soround from my gtx 680s would have 2 available hdmi's and 2 available dvi-d's as well as 2 display ports and 2 dvi-i's.

Sorry I know this isnt much shorter, but I tried to organize a bit better. 3d is a must, but I dont know if I would want to have too use samsung glasses or others instead of nvidia as I currently own a un55c8000 and un40c7000 3d hdtvs and the double images on the 3d are absolutely horrid on movies, games and pretty much anything.

EDIT: One question I keep forgetting to ask is. Can I even view 3d while doing dual or triple monitor on all of the monitors at the same time? I would assume that if it is possible it is probably only possible with non samsung and other makers who provide their own glasses and emitters monitors...

Best solution

a c 110 C Monitor
May 2, 2012 12:21:10 PM

to my knowledge in order to view 3d at full 1080p you require a 120hz tn panel monitor. ips panels are only 60hz. each monitor then requires a dual-link dvi cable to connect. i'm not sure how this will affect your plans for 3 monitors. it most likely can be done but i'm not sure if your arrangement can do it.

personally i feel the 3d effect is a gimmick. it hurts your eyes for a rather lame effect. i've heard that pc games make it look better but i'm not willing to bite on this. i suppose we all have our own opinion though.

personally i would go with 3x e-ips panels from a major manufacturer like dell, asus, acer, viewsonic, etcetera in 1920x1080 at 60hz. no 3d but you do get a better viewing angle (ideal for 3x monitors!) while maintaining the same image quality. sure 8bit ips panels are better in terms of color accuracy but that isnt in your price range for 3 panels.

3x vertical would give you a widescreen approach. 3x horizontal would give you an ultra-ultra-widescreen approach. personally i feel vertical is better.

swivel bases should be fine but if you want an arm (which can be expensive depending on model) you will want vesa mount capable monitors. this is a bolt pattern on the back of the panel. this is important.

remember to verify that your system can handle the load from the toms hardware gpu charts. 1920x1080x3 is an effective resolution of 3240x1920 in vertical or 5760x1080 in horizontal! for demanding games even the best hardware out right now might struggle some!
May 27, 2012 6:22:59 AM

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