Windows 7 64bit ultimate free trial product key

i am interested in th windows 7 64 bit free trial product key, tell me more

do i have at least 30 days before i pay you and how much ?{DOUG} *******
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  1. A) There is no such thing as a Windows 7 64 bit free trial product key.

    B) This website does not sell products in any way, nor does it aid in attaining illegal copies through pirating or cracking.

    C) This is the web.. Use common sense and don't fling your phone number around..
  2. We cannot help you with this question. Windows 7 is sold by Microsoft Corporation and it is NOT free. If you wish to install a new copy of windows then you will need to purchase it through Microsoft or an Authorized Retailer that will sell you a copy of the software with an activation key.
  3. There where free keys for beta testers, but those days are long gone.
  4. Yep, no more trials, as the days of the beta test are long over. Your best bet is to check out a friend's computer, head to an electronics store, etc... if you are curious about W7. If you like it, you can then buy it.
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