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is samsung toner all the same? i have a clp 650 n series....i am refilling from a kit....clp 300 and 500 series toner is less expensive...but look the same....will it work?
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  1. if the toner is for a different printer then it is probably different. There is a lot more to toner than meets the eye. Since laser printers work by using electrostatic charge to transfer the toner from cartridge, to drum, to paper, the toner itself must have the correct polarity and static properties to transfer properly. It might work, but it might not.
  2. No, there are specific toner for each printers. One toner is not working for other printers. Only compatible toners are adjustable that means you need to buy compatible Samsung toner.
  3. hey friend,

    they are different toner, not unviersal :

    1. Samsung ML-1910/1915/2525/2580/SCX-4600/4606/4623/CF-650
    2. Samsung CLP300/CLX2160/CLX3160
    3. Samsung CL500/510/515/550
    please note

    toner chips, opc drum, toner cartridge, fuser flim, heating element, Ribbon, Blade, Roller etc
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