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I am interested in building my own PC and will surely ask many questions about that but that is for the future.

My current dilemma is that I bought a Cyborg RAT 7 Mouse (very happy with) and a Cyborg Gaming Keyboard. The keyboard, hwoever, is not up to my expectations. Macros are hard to program (all I wanted was to open up the internet and a few pages) but after an hour it seems the only thing it did was break my CTRL button so that, when pressed by itself, it opened up Google Chrome. When I highleted the URL bar it would repeatdly type the letter C (the macro I was doing was CTRL+ALT+C for shortcut purposes).

I am returning it because I think it could have been defective (the box was damaged in the corner and looked like it was scrunched up). I am looking for another keyboard that has similar functions like:

Custom backlighting (but I am fine with any color)
Can customize certain areas with backlights and they can be different ones
Extra Protection on well used keys.
Media controls
Macros that can be recorded on the fly

Price can be higher or lower than $80. I just want something that is nice and durable and has as many of these features as possible.

Another questions I have is about on-the-fly macro recording. Can I use it where I would press the record button and then I would open up the internet and a few web pages?

Thanks to anyone who can help me!
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  1. quite a few keyboards offer a macro function in the software. i'm not sure of any that offer a record button though as you suggested.

    many keyboards offer backlighting but i'm not sure how crazy you want to be on this. in general though backlights are useless as using a pc in the dark is extremely bad for your eyes.

    quite a few models offer media controls as well. remember you can map keys to media controls as well if you know the input commands used.

    extra protection on keys? if you mean like the cyborg unit that is laughable. i've never heard of anyone wearing through keys. sure the letters may wear off but in order to prevent that you will need laser etched or dyed keys. typical printed keys from most common boards will all wear off eventually. as far as the switch mechanism underneath... most boards are all rubber dome switches. if you want true reliabilty and a keyboard which can last years look into mechanical keyboards. however quite a few mechanical keyboards lack media controls or anything fancy but might have macro support. its a give and take situation.
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