CPU TEMP (AMD Athlon 900)

What is an average temperture for this (tbird 900) CPU i am running it on an Asus A7v board with temps as follows;

Board - 33c / 91f

Cpu - 67c / 152f

i got a chassis fan attached at the back blowing over the cpu into the case and a heatsink and fan blowing into the cpu.

What about Hr grease anybody use this..... any use??

I Was warned about temperature now i am paranoid.
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  1. your athlon's running a bit too hot. it should be under 50c. use proper cooling equipment. grease your cpu if posible, it helps transfer the heat away from the cpu surface to the heatsink better.

    and if it still doesnt work, lower your frequency a bit, by say a 100 MHz and see the results. its better to save your cpu (& $s) rather burning the cpu itself.

  2. You may want to cool it down a bit, however I know a guy where I work who has a TBird 750 running around 66C. It will be fine, but if you want to cool it down you can.
    I just upped my Duron 600 to 950 this morning and it is running between 40C and 44C idle.
    You should reverse the back case fan so it blows the hot air around the CPU out of the back of the case. This should help a bit.
    Also, if you are using the heatsink/fan that came with the processor (boxed as opposed to OEM) you may want to consider a larger one with a better fan such as the Global Win FOP32 or a Hedgehog.
    Next, get some Arctic Silver thermal compound. As I posted last night in the cooling section of the forum, it cooled me down about 7 degrees celcius.
    Finally, I also have an Asus A7V rev. 1.02 bios 1004. This bios version runs hotter than any other bios version for this board and it makes the chip run hotter than any other motherboard. So when comparing temperatures on the internet, make sure you are keep in mind which boards people are using. If they are not using an A7V, your temp will be higher every time. People reporting temps in the 30s are usually using the Abit KT7 or some other board.
    Don't worry about all that, just get some Arctic Silver, reverse your case fan, and get a better cpu cooler and you could decrease your temp up to 20 degrees C.
  3. "People reporting temps in the 30s are usually using the Abit KT7 or some other board."

    Very interseting point, Bubba. My Duron 650 runs only 30C, both on a DFI AK74 and a Chaintech 7AJA mainboard.Okay, I use a Coolermaster Athlon 1.2Ghz cooler... but I still have the feeling this 'Socket A High-temperature-problem' is not so common as it seems to be here... many people don't have their AMD's running so hot that they have to take special precautions like extra case fans etc, etc. I bought this Duron with the thought: "I hope my power supply doesn't blow up and my mainboard socket doesn't melt away due to all the AMD-heat...." But no such thing was the case.... I bought a 300W case, but 235W will do just fine too, according to a system I bought for a collegue....
    So: are we exagerrating (?) the AMD Socket-A powerneed and heat or not?????
  4. seems alittle hott go get a silver orb that should cool it down

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  5. holy [-peep-]-thats WAY too hot. My P3 @ 1.040Ghz runs 38c max load, with 23c MB temps. AMB T-birds should only run 5c or so higher that these as normal. I recommend a cardcoolerXT with 2 large blow holes for cheap and serious cooling!
  6. The catch is to take heat out of case, not blowing cool air in, because hot air have no direct way of getting out, therefore stay in the case and increase temperature.

    My Duron 900Mhz only 40C, you've got a problem

    Best regards
  7. Good lordie...152°F. You need to have proper ventilation in that puppy. Plus you cannot have a tiny case with an athlon. it needs proper space to radiate heat and cool. make sure that u have a good CPU fan and there is enough case fans to ventilate the CPU.

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  8. i have a thunderbird 800 running at 1G. it is 30C now and max 50C when making divx movies (= very high load on CPU).
    i have some extra case fans installed, one to blow air in at the front bottom, and two to blow hot air out at the top. i also installed an extra cooler on top of my coolermaster copper cooler, but that didn't seem to help much.
    i have the core voltage set to 1.75 which is the default value. if you increase the voltage, there will be more power consumed by the CPU, which makes it hotter.
    Also check if your case hase some free space around it. Don't put it against the wall under your desk, because it needs cool air to breathe and some space to exhaust the hot air...
  9. Arien,

    What kind of fan are you using?
  10. I have an athlon T-bird 800, clocked up to 1000, with the voltage set to default. I run 52C idle, with the only fan in the case a Majesty 5 (as featured in Toms review today). The highest I have seen it get to so far, is 54C, but the fan quickly gets it back down. Read the review for more info.

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  11. coolermaster fan ?? thats all i know about it

    But cheers for all your help guys going to get some grease
    and smear it all over my bo....ahh no thats for the weekend

    Instead i am going to get a Globalwin Fop32 (fop38 maybe a little loud from what i have heard).
  12. Here is what you want to for cooling. It is the best compound!

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