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Hey everyone,

Here's the situation. This Dell Windows 2000 Professional 1-2cpu had a virus and has been system restored before the virus hit, only to make things much worse. There's three main things that are preventing me to do the slightest bit of repair:
1. I don't have the Windows CD to repair.
2. When booting up and getting to the bios the PS/2 keyboard works, however, when loading up the Windows logo and ending up at the log in screen, the keyboard is unresponsive. I tried USB port and the keyboard didn't respond to both the BIOS and the Windows start-up. There is no on screen keyboard, of course.
3. In addition to the keyboard issue, when confronting the log in screen, it asks for an administrator username and password. Since the keyboard doesn't work, I can't type in anything. I've tried leaving both username and password blank and clicking OK with the mouse, but no luck.

At the BIOS, I've messed with turning on and off the keyboard/mouse ports. Nothing.

At the Windows Advanced Options Menu, I've tried all safe modes(networking, command prompt), but all it would do is take me to the windows log in asking for administrator user and pass, with no ability to type. The rest of the options I've attempted, but still with no productive results.

Can anyone help me out with this?
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  1. sounds like one of those nasty bugs that is just created to annoy. my guess is that this is the reason why it defaults to an admin account for log in (unless you actually use an admin account?) and why it disables the keyboard.

    first things first... to not lose any data which may be on the machine you can pull the hard drive out and manually connect it to another machine as a data drive. make sure your virus protection is up to date (and make sure you arent using crap anti virus!) and then scan & pull.

    you should be able to make a restore cd from another computer running win2000.

    generally speaking after a virus hits like this it might be better to reformat and start over unless that isnt an option. you might even use this as an excuse to upgrade to windows xp or later.
  2. I figured out the solutions to my issues.

    First, if you're stuck at the log in screen with out typing capability, you have to find a way to bypass it. I used Hiren's boot CD, which can be downloaded from this site
    Then follow step by step instructions on the website, by downloading and burning it into a CD or copying it on a flash drive. Flash drive didn't work for me, so I used a CD and it booted up for me.
    Follow these instructions to reset your administrator password to nothing and you'll be logged in no time:

    Second was to fix the keyboard issue. I was infected with something called Antimalware Doctor and what it did was take over my drivers and corrupted it. I found the solution to it at this website,

    If you had the Antimalware Doctor infection, I can forward you to this link where I sought professional help and repaired my computer to mint condition.
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