LED display disturbingly flickers at lower brightness on Lenovo G550L

Dear Forum Members,

I have recently bought a notebook, Lenovo IdeaPad G550L with a LED-backlit display model BOEHydis HT156WXB-100 (according to Everest 5.02 by Lavalys). I am kind of satisfied with the computer itself, but there is one thing that really gives me tough time. If I adjust the backlight brightness to a level other than maximum, it controls the brightness of the LED-backlight using visibly Pulse-Witdh Modulation at very low frequencies depending on desired brightness. If I want to spare power or am on a dark place or it's night, I always turn it down otherwise its brightness is kind of blinding my eyes, at the same time these low frequencies with PWM causes my eyes to strain and sometimes I feel moderate headache on the side. I'm looking for a solution to alter the method of my LED-blacklight or raise the PWM frequency.

I tried to address BOEHydis (now Hydis) with the problem in e-mail. I was referred to BOE by a Hydis representative, who wrote me that BOEHydis don't exist together anymore. With his help I could find BOE's new website and found this product on it. I sent them a letter too, but haven't gotten an answer yet.

The display itself appears in Windows' (XP, SP3) device manager as a standard Plug and Play monitor. My question is that is there any software (or even hardware) solution or a more advanced alternate driver for this type of screen that I can raise PWM frequency or somehow alter the method of adjusting brightness?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Anyone here?
  2. It could be that it has a shoddy inverter installed. If it is relatively new, I'd bring it back to save yourself a potential headache in the future.
  3. That is the video card cause either, or shoddy inverter installed on your laptop.
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