DURON vs Cerleron?

Oh here's the deal. I'm buying a new computer system in the next few days... I was planning to purchase a Duron, but after talking to some friends I'm not so sure. Is an overclocked celeron better/faster than a Duron?

Which processor is more value (if the celeron is overclocked)?

i.e. is a Celeron 633 overclocked to 900Mhz (for $240) better than a Duron 800Mhz (for $283)???

Prices in $NZ
1 Duron 650MHz - $162
2 Duron 700MHz - $194
3 Duron 750MHz - $225
4 Duron 800MHz - $283

5 Celeron 633MHz FCPGA - $240
6 Celeron 667MHz FCPGA - $255
7 Celeron 700MHz FCPGA - $270
8 Celeron 733MHz FCPGA - $337

And components wise, at the moment the motherboards are around the same price, right so that's not really a factor?

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  1. Duron is 20%-40% faster than the Celeron. So if you overclock a 633 to 900 for the same price as a duron 800 overclocked to 1100, you do the math.

    Get duron.
  2. The Celeron is an old architecture that is intentionally crippled by Intel so that it doesn't compete with a PIII. An overclocked Duron can <i>almost</i> compete with a PIII, or even an Athlon. It's price/performance ratio is outstanding. Get the Duron-600. There's no reason to get a higher clocked one. Just about every Duron will overclock to at least 950.
  3. the p3 price have fell, i went to the pc show and got a p3 700 and mobo for $270. not bad after the 700 is overclocked to 933.
  4. ohhh man! you want to wait to January when KT133A comes into play.....this is gonna be the sweetest overclocking board for Duron/Athlon :P

    By a combination of multiplier and FSB tweaking, you can make sure you have BOTH high bandwidth and high clockspeed :)
  5. A Duron 800 overclocked to 1GHz performs about as well as a 1.5GHz P4 for about 1/8 the cost. Based on that, you can probably figure out if the Duron is better than the Celeron. Duron destroys the Celeron.
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