How to determine whether separate color or tri-color cartridges will b

Many new color printers have two ink cartridges (black, and tri-color), and when one color of the tri-color cartridge has run out it is then only possible to print in black, leaving the remaining ink in the tri-color cartridge unusable.

This being true, is it best to buy one that has independent color cartridges? But these are more expensive aren't they?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Yes, the printers that use separate inks for each color are pricier, but you already know what the drawback to the other way is. So yes, it's more efficient and probably cheaper after a few rounds of new cartridges to buy a printer that has multiple color print heads not just one.
  2. generally, a tri colour cartridge has a lot less ink per-colour than having separate cartridges for the colours, so your getting more ink for your $$. most printers do not allow you to print once any colour has run out, this is to keep the ink in the print head from drying out. If you want a printer that is cheap to run then get a laser printer.
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