Confusion on Windows 7 Failed Updates

Greetings Toms and Happy New Year :sol:

I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise on one of my machines and I'm kinda confused about something. In the control panel, you can view your update history and some (like 3 or 4) show up as failed. But under Installed Updates (under Programs and Features), if I look up the Failed ones by their KB number, they show up as installed, and when I double click on them, they ask if I want to uninstall. They also show up as having a later install date than when in failed.

But I thought they failed in the first place :fou:

Can any Windows 7 experts clear this up for me? I can provide KB numbers and error codes if needed. I'm just wondering if another round of Windows updates clears up failed installs, and if so how can you get the failed ones to show up as successful?

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    It's almost certain an update failed, then ran again and was successful.
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  3. Thanks photonboy - I just wanted to make sure this was the case and that I was trying to drive myself mad!

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