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Cel 600 or Duron 800?

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December 11, 2000 7:25:51 AM

I am on the edge of deciding on the CPU for my next system. I want to get 1GH. I have been leaning heavy toward the Celeron cCO 600 with an CUSL2-C Mobo. However, I have recently been considering a Duron 800 with an A7V Mobo. I am getting a 128MB pc133 cas2 Dimm from Crucial, and will probably choose either the Alpha PAL 6035, or Thermaltake Super Orb for cooling. I realize I will probably spend $50 more for the AMD setup.
So, please help me decide which is the best way to go. I want reliable speed, future upgradeablity, and reliability. Also, i would appreciate any coments on cooling.

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December 11, 2000 9:36:43 AM

Go for the Duron, it is no good have a cpu running at 1ghz if it is slower than an 800....for colling have a look at tome latest review on coolers....


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December 11, 2000 10:16:45 AM

Consider a Duron at 650Mhz,
I overclock it using A7V to 900Mhz (1.888V, FSB100 * 9)
CPU temp 40C using Asus Probe, room 21C
when playing games to up to 57C max,
averaging around 49C
I have a Termaltake [Golden Orb 11000rpm] only cost US$10

getting me 40C at 900Mhz with US$10, what can I complain?

See for the chances of pushing 650 to 900 and over. Nearly 100%

Another friend's A7V produce 1.92V when jumper set to 1.85V and got his Athlon 700 to 1GHz. If only my A7V would do the same :( 

CPU temp 47C room 26C, Golden Orb 5500rpm only.

Best regards
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December 11, 2000 10:50:41 AM

Go for the Duron. They are cheaper and they run faster. You can't go wrong with an AMD.

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December 12, 2000 5:37:21 AM

Celerons cant even come close in performance to the
Duron . Get a good heatsink and your on your way to a killer system.
DURON ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!