What is best heatsink/fan for 1ghz T-bird w/ A7V?

I've made several posts so far concerning the status of my CPU. I used the generic heatsink and fan that came with my CPU, and wasn't even able to setup windows due to kernel errors and other random error messages. I had a formatted harddrive and everything was seated correctly. To make a long story short, disabling CPU Level 1 Cache would allow my OS to install and run, though HORRIBLY slow. I've concluded that it's got to be a faulty CPU, but is it possible that it may have been overheating due to the shitty heatsink/fan sent with the chip? I'm running BIOS v. 1005a and used thermal goop with the old heatsink. I just recently ordered a Super Orb from 3DCOOL.com (ya gotta love that Tornado 1000 case!) and hope that that'll solve my problem. I guess what I'm basically asking is that by enabling Level 1 cache, does the CPU temp increase drastically? If not, then it must just be a bad chip. Feel free to speculate on my problem...I'm about sick of concocting theories all by my lonesome. Thanks all.
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  1. I doubt that it's bad cooling. Where did you get the heatsink? Was it retail boxed w/ the CPU or what? Probably the CPU man. Enabling the L1 cache is very unlikely to put out such an amount of heat that it won't work with a crappy heatsink. The CPU sounds like it's just plain BAD.

    -MP Jesse
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