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Restore Acer to Factory Settings

How do you set your acer laptop settings to factory so you can restore your laptop like comming right out of the box?
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    Normally, one types ALT-F10 after the power-on boot BIOS messages. This should boot something out of the PQSERVICE partition (partition 1) and present you with a menu that lets you boot normally or invoke the recovery software.

    1) If you have drastically reduced the size of that partition, or formatted it, then you have likely destroyed the software on it and the ALT-F10 will not work.

    2) If you made an image of that partition before you changed anything, you may be able to recover it from that image. If not, then you likely will need someone to give you files to rebuild that partition, or have to abandon it completely. After several weeks of work, I still have not been able to recover the PQSERVICE partition. However, that is not to say that it cannot be done.

    3) If you do not have recovery CDs /DVDs made when you first purchased the laptop, or purchased them from ACER, your only choice will be to purchase a copy of whatever OS you want and install it from scratch. The recovery CDs/DVDs do not alter the PQSERVICE partition.
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