I Wanna Buy a Laptop ...With Low Price


I wanna buy my first laptop, i wanna use it for video editing.. photo editing.. browsing..
and the specs that i really need it's
Ram: 3GB-4GB
Hard-drive: More than 100Gb - 7200 rpm
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Display: between 13" - 15" HDD
Graphics: any good card

but the big problem is the price, i wanna the lowest price for these specs and in the same time the powerful laptop and the good one that can last for more than 2 years.. and it should be released in 2009 or early 2010 because i'm from Morocco (africa) and the latest laptops are very very pricy

Thanks :D
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Lenovo G550 is a good choice;however,it has a low-end card(for gaming)
  2. I would look at Dell Outlet if I were you. You can buy "previously ordered new" systems for a much lower price than you would usually pay from dell. For example, you can buy a latitude e6410 for $600-800. The e6410 has a 14 inch screen, metal casing (it's a business grade laptop, so it's much sturdier than most lappies...), and it comes with a 3 year warrenty. "Previously ordered new" systems from dell outlet are systems that people have ordered, had dell build, then cancelled the order. Dell garentees that the system will be as good as new (because it IS new). The disadvantage is that you cannot customize the specs since the laptop is already built. The advantage is that the laptops often cost 1/3 to 1/2 the price of the SAME laptop at dell's normal sales department. Dell outlet is run by dell, so you don't have to deal with a third party. Important note: when on dell outlet, "refurbished" is NOT the same as "previously ordered new." Refurbished means that somebody else used it and then dell refurbished and and is now reselling. "previously ordered new" means that it has never been used by another customer.

    Here's an example:

    dell latitude e6410:
    core i5 520 @2.4ghz
    windows 7 professional
    160gb 7200rpm SATA hard drive
    4 gigs ddr3 1300mhz ram
    512 nvidia NVS 3100m graphics card
    14.1" ultrasharp 1440x900 LED display (matte, not glossy. Good for use in bright areas since it doesn't reflect)
    3 year warrenty (this is true for the upper level latitude laptops. Much better than the typical 1 year warrenty that usually comes with laptops. Both Dell.com and dell.com/outlet offer identical warrenties)

    Price for system from dell oulet for new system: $729
    price from standard dell sales department for same system: $1482
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