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Monitor Suggestions

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
May 5, 2012 2:56:25 AM

Im looking to replace a current monitor with another one im using. That other one im using i want to replace with a new monitor. I have the worst luck when it comes to technology, just trust me i do, its pure bad luck. So now that ive gone thru hell with acer and the most recent monitor i purchased and never got the monitor fully repaired and have given up, i dont want to be the one finding the monitor i want. I wanna turn to you guys for recommendations/suggestions and advice.

Im looking for a large monitor, something around 24-28" maybe bigger. But with a high resolution. I want something i can use for multitasking or even large screen gaming, but i dont want something like my 1920X1080 monitors, the reason i want a bigger monitor is so i can have a bigger resolution since this monitor is farther away from me and tilted down on a wall mount looking at me.
The wall mount im using requires the monitor to be under 50-60 lbs so i dont think weight is really a concern here.

I could only find one monitor similar to this description which was like $700+ which is pushing it for me.

What companies do you guys like the most when it comes to computer monitors or larger monitors that can be used for computers? Which companies are known as terrible companies and which are known as the best? Who has good-high end customer service?

Last thing i wanna do is send my monitor in to "acer" 3 times just so i could get it back and have it covered in neon green or red lines fluttering across half the screen.

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May 5, 2012 6:19:45 PM

Look for an IPS panel - Dell, HP, NEC are all really respectable.

From the above companies, this is the cheapest 27" I know of, and it looks like an awesome deal-- HP ZR2740w - 27" LED IPS 2560x1440 for $630:

There's also a Korean 27" 2560x1440 IPS panel for dirt cheap that has a big following:

Otherwise, there are a lot of 24" 1920x1200 options that are really good:
Dell U2410:
it's e-IPS budget counterpart the U2412M - get 2 at this price:
HP ZR2440w:] for reviews

(Provantage links just cause they always have cheap monitor prices. Newegg will have the same monitors in stock if you prefer them.)
May 12, 2012 10:47:37 AM

Wow im shocked thats almost too perfect, i think ill be looking at the HP one again tomorrow. Barely sobering up before i pass out since my bday was the 11th.

I cant seem to find any info on that forum about the yamakasi monitor being wall mountable tho.

Thanks for the info and links, if anyone else knows of any other similar monitors id love to hear about em. 1920X1200 is nice, but im looking for something higher res that i can use for a lot of things since i pretty much do so many things with my computers its pretty much overwhelming me almost daily lol.

- Thanks again : )