On brand new HP G62-a50sm without OS I install Win7 64 and works fine. Than during installation drivers and restart suddenly I have black screen but on some angle it is posible to see something. Than I restore system before installation drivers. But did not help. I make memory and drive test - it was OK. I still have this poor screen. Please HELP
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  1. Your post is confusing. You state that the screen goes black during installation but it works fine in Win7 -- what do you actually mean ?

    It's important to understand this because otherwise how can anyone help you on whether it's a driver problem or a hardware fault ?

    Try connecting an external monitor. If the image is good, suggests that the laptop's screen is faulty rather than the video circuitry or driver.

    However it is possible you have simply set the video up so that the resolution is beyond the capability of the screen.

    You state that the image on the laptop is visible at some angles, confirm by shining a torch at the laptop screen. If looks fairly normal by torchlight it may be the screen's illumination.
  2. First think I do is installing Win7 and Notebook works when I install Win7. Next step I did is that I download drivers frpm HP pages on my PC. Burn that on CD. Put that CD in notebook start to install drivers (it is 28 drivers). I install about 23-24 and that wos it-Black screen. It was during night. But now daylight I can hardly whel I look on screen turned to light I can see content of the screen. I will now try to connect externall monitor
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