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Cd writer/reader slowed

Last response: in Windows XP
November 27, 2002 7:42:01 PM

I have a 12x cd toaster that has been worked perfectly until two days ago. I have winXp installed with the 1st service pack and it has been working perfectly, recording the cds in 4/5 minutes. But two days ago it started to recording in 30-40 minutes! The cds are well done but I don't know the reason of that exaggerated time. The only thing I have changed/installed on system is some new Aspi drivers.

The cd reader goes very slowly and the system also goes very very slowly when the the cd reader or writer is working.

Do you know what can be the solution?

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November 27, 2002 8:01:17 PM

Sorry, I didn't know witch was the correct forum for this issue.
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November 27, 2002 11:18:39 PM

Did you check on your device manager whether your primary and secondary ide ATA/ATAPI controller are set to DMA if available? Running on PIO mode will slow down a lot of things coz the data transfer will take up a lot of your processor time. While in the case of running on DMA mode, the transfer is handled by the DMA controller and free up your processor.
November 28, 2002 12:06:51 PM

but I don't know how can I check if the DMA is being used or not. At the device admin I don't see anything about that at the reader or writer's device properties.
November 28, 2002 2:33:02 PM

Open System properties (WinLogo + Pause keys). Click on <b>Hardware</b> tab, then <b><font color=red>Device Manager</b></font color=red>.
Double-click on <b><font color=blue>IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers</b></font color=blue>, and check if DMA is enabled on which channel that your CDRW is connected (Primary or Secondary).

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November 28, 2002 11:21:49 PM

That's it...