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i've been searching for a good tv/monitor for gaming and watch tv too (i'm using it as a tv and pc monitor ) but i don't know much about it .. i'll mainly use it for playing rpgs or fps at 1080p or higher if possible (my vga is a gtx 580) , i think the right size would be 42" what do you think ?is there a difference between a big monitor and a tv besides the tuner in it ? and what about those smart tvs ? are they good ? and what about 120hz , will i notice the difference ? what about lcd vs led ,which is better ? it must be cheaper than 900US$ .. thanks in advance
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  1. yes a monitor has better pixel density vs a tv, better for close viewing. lcd can be led or not(ccfl), led lcd's are thinner and energy efficient. some scientists say the human eye cant see over 60hz, but some enthusiasts say the 120hz is crisper, who knows.
  2. but if i am going to use it at a distance of 1 or 2 metres a tv would be better because i wont notice the lower ppi right ?
  3. a higher resolution at the same physical size, or a 2560x1440 resolution monitor vs a 1080p television matters for absolutely nothing when viewing 1080p content. at the same phsical dimensions a 1920x1080 screen will win in image quality every single time due to image distortion due to upscaling.

    a higher resolution monitor will look a bit better for pc games due to the gpu processing at the resolution of your monitor instead of getting a static 1080p feed. 1080p is more than good enough for a 40" television and gaming. i used mine for years playing an rpg and the occasional fps.

    from around 6ft (2m) a 40" screen should be large enough. i use a 40" at around 4-5ft and it works out. 42" might work out a little better but finding a model in that size might limit your options. 46" is most likely too large.

    if you plan on using this television for pc gaming dont even think about 120 or 240hz as even in pc mode some televisions still lag. in 120 or 240hz mode they lag significantly due to the post processing (faking in an additional 60fps) since they only take a 60hz input signal (not 120hz or 240hz like you may think).

    there is virtually no quality difference (at your price range) between ccfl or led besides the leds saving you money. the difference could be $9usd per month in power savings.

    smart tv is only good if you want to use the function. if you have a pc you can do the same thing and save cash.

    my recommendation would be:

    40" (not sure if they have a 42") if you want to go bigger then i know of a 46"
    led backlit
    no smart tv or other fancy features.

    the 46" model can be had for around $700usd so they are well within your budget.
  4. great ! thank you very much ! i think this one is the right for me

    but why sony ? is it better than samsung or lg ?
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    part brand preference, part past purchase history, part knowledge.

    a relative was an electronics technician for 25 years or more... and said that the easiest repair parts to get were for sony since they stock them. parts for brands like vizio, olevia, etc are very difficult to get.

    i've owned quite a few sony products before and i've had good luck with most of them personally.

    i own a sony ps3 so it plays nice and control functions work on the controllers without me fiddling with it.

    the price was right. when i bought mine i got a $2000 tv for $1200. current sales and prices arent bad as well as i stated in a prior post.


    however that is just what i personally would get. i've heard that samsung isnt a bad choice also but i would avoid no-name discount television brands as they are not worth the trouble. some people have had good luck with them but personally i dont feel they are worth the risk.
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  7. if there is a problem skitz1985, then make it known.

    a comment of "..." accomplishes nothing.
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  9. great ! thank you very much , i really appreciate what you did here !
  10. what is the best 24" monitor for pc gaming (preferably tv monitor) thanks
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