Can't plug drive from Compaq f572us into external enclosure


I have a Compaq Presario f572us laptop. The computer has died, it won't turn on at all. I'm suspecting a motherboard failure, power issue, something along those lines. I'm going to replace the machine, but I want to extract my data from the drive. I should be able to insert the drive into an external enclosure. However, the SATA connectors on the drive won't plug into the enclosure. The drive is a standard SATA drive, as specified here:

Does anyone know if Compaq uses some sort of proprietary connector so that their drives can't be put into other computers or enclosures? Is there a way, via an adapter or something along those lines, that I could plug it into an enclosure?

thanks in advance
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  1. If you get no assistance here I would definitely contact Compaq. If their explanation is that they have altered the standard SATA connector, tell them how nuts that is. If true, it can only be in order to lock their users into upgrading with overpriced proprietary parts.
  2. Unfortunately this looks to be the case.

    Drive connectors:

  3. That appears to be a normal drive with an adaptor attached..
    In the top picture carefully pry loose the black adaptor and you have a regular drive.
  4. Yes, we've seen this issue before with mini-IDE drives. Gently pry the adapter off.

    I could understand it with IDE where the pins are fragile but SATA connector is fairly rugged and should connect with ease.
  5. Thanks so much! That was it, really appreciate it.
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