Slow Celeron 600! Why ?

I bought an Asus - cuv4x and a Celeron 600.
I got 2x32 DIMMS of pc66 ram and a single DIMM of 64 Mb pc100. I upgraded to the latest Bios.

And when I run test like TestCPU V0.96 The bencmarks are very low.

Like The math is very low and the memory bandwith is of a Celeron 400a.

Why is that ?
I got a Voodoo3,6.4 Wd Udma2. (havn't installed Via 4 in 1 drives )

Please help.

-<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
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  1. Because a Celeron at 600 performs like its at 400. Celerons suck, dude.
  2. Actualy I'm an AMD dude, its my friend that has this computer... I like AMD...
    and not those Griddy Intel...

    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  3. dude don't be ashamed of your choosen solution, AMD is nice, but AMD + via sucks. AMD fanatics like to bash ppl that buy intel 'cause they know they themselves bought into a lost cause. Also, why is it that ppl think the part that should cost less is the cpu? I really don't get that.

  4. The Celeron only has 66mhz bus speed that is why it is slow.
    The only way to get any real speed out of it is to overclock.

  5. bench mark's , which one's , gaming related?
    sorry cel's are to good for that , try to over clock
    yup a 600 cel. is comperable to a 400-450 pent.
  6. I can't explain why the math is low and I'm not an Intel person but wouldn't you expect a Celeron 400a and a Celeron 600 to have the same memory bandwith? In both cases the memory is at 66 Mhz.
  7. It is tragic to see idiots post hundreds of CPU-maker bashing one liners to get journeyman or enthusiast message board member status. Not very helpful, either, are they ??

    That Celeron should do better than 600MHz. Go ahead and throw down for a good cooling fan ( is one good place to look for models that work for your CPU), add an extra exhaust fan to your case if you allready have an intake (besides the power supply exhaust), then start trying FSB speeds over 66MHz. Watch the AGP channel too. If you don't have a GeForce, you might have to switch from 1x to 2/3FSB=AGP as you climb.

    Have fun !

    Clonan, the Cyberian
  8. Thanks for all of your replies...
    but how can I speed it up without O/C it...

    the benchmark i Ran was of TestCPu v0.96!
    and it scored aproxemetly as a Celleron 400a or sometimes lower than a k6-2 500!

    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  9. Installing Via 4 in 1 driver would improve its performance.
  10. I've been playing with a Celeron II 566 with 2 boards:
    Abit BH6 , chipset 440BX Intel
    Aopen A63xPro, chipset Via apollo
    Abit's Sandra Sisoft's memory bandwidth benchmarks at 103 mhz (OC 877) wiped out Aopen's ones at 4xpci clock, which was 133mhz (OC 850)!!! I've read that via chipsets are really slow when it comes to memory system management and I proved it to myself with this test. I bet if you try that baby in a BX mobo it'll give you much better memory performance. OC a little (no need to up Voltage, no harm), and you'll gain quite a bit performancewise.

    Saludos a todos
  11. hmm... Via kinda suck lately ha...

    well i`ll take your advice an o/c it a bit....


    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  12. Ok. I recently moved from a 533E celeron. This processor sucked because it was locked at 66 mhz fsb. You can overclock it safely by using frequency and upping the core voltage if your board will let you do so. I was only able to get a sturdy 640 mhz out of it. That is pretty good considering it is locked. If you want a good suggestion... go trade the chip and motherboard in and get an athlon. I did. and I love the chip. it is extremely fast and just blows intel's socks off. I like intel dont get me wrong because with an intel you can buy just about any hardware and use it with an intel... that doesnt always work with an amd. however... amd is way faster. my answer to your question is that the celeron is locked at 66mhz fsb where an athlon has the capabilily to go 200mhz fsb. Good luck.
  13. It's not AMD that is to blame for hardware incompatibility problems - It's VIA. Stupid VIA crap........
  14. Some times you've got to make special jugdement where you make an educated guess (provided you know the facts etc) that if the results are reliable.

    Take for example, AMD Duron 650 O/C 900 against P3-450, obviously the duron wins in this case, no matter what kind of test because
    1) Duron core is better than P3 (thats a fact)
    2) 900mhz, is more than sufficient to compensate for whatever it is lacking to a P3 core specs

    So if the scores come out same, you suspect

    If the P3 scores comes out 50% better than Duron then you know it is wrong.

    If it was comparing against a P3-750 or so, then I woun't dare to say Duron wins on all occasions.

    You can try to use Norton Utility 2000 to benchmark a Duron and you will see such bad results.

    Best regards
  15. i agree it is usually the chipsets , the ALI aladin chipset is for Intel and AMD CPU's and it has a serious problem with the TNT2 AGP version.....

    as for the celeron wind the FSB up to 100mhz it should help out....


    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  16. I know VIA sucks, but his system bases on VIA chipset (Asus-cuv4x)
    not BX chipset, and it needs VIA drivers (especially AGP patch) to improve performance.
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