16:9 vs 16:10 (Dell U2412M vs Dell 2312HM)

Moderate gaming (starcraft2, diablo3, a few FPSs), a few movies. Lot of web browsing. Which should I get (2412M, 16:10, 24in) or (2312HM 16:9, 23in)?

Reviews (and forums) people say a few conflicting things:
1. 16:10 is better for the extra real estate
2. 16:9 gives you wider field of view in games
3. 16:10 is a dying standard, everything is gonna be 16:9.

When I had the chance to look at the U2412M, it felt OK. The 16:9 monitor to the side, comparing against it, felt too wide for me.

Help me out.
1. U2312HM is $80-$100+ cheaper, only 1" smaller
2. U2312HM won't have black bars on some games.

I need to know what the pros think.
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  1. If all based on personal preference. I prefer 16:10 monitors over 16:9 monitors. The black bar do not bother if games only support 16:9 aspect ratio resolutions. I like having the extra 120 rows of pixels for surfing and reading/writing.

    I have a 1920x1080 Asus monitor that I would to get rid of within a year and replace it with a 1920x1200 monitor.
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